Native Americans reveal 22 rules of life that will force you to get your shit together

There are a lot many things that the world can learn from the Native Americans especially in these trying times when the world is facing hate, terrorism, hunger and corruption.

Imagine if these peaceful tribes we’re never raided and their land and lives never taken. The history of our world would have transpired completely differently. We would be in touch with nature, ourselves and the Earth.

We would be able to connect with animals, the stars, the flowers and each other so deeply; something so simple that has been lost through modern reality. Let us never forget the wisdom these natives shared. Let us re-create the world of cosmic, earthly and universal understanding they once knew.

Here are 22 things Native Americans left to Humanity:

1. Sharing good fortune

It is always good to participate in charity. It is an act of kindness and it also makes the soul feel good.

2. Plurality of religious belief

We should respect other’s religious beliefs because the world is filled with multiple religions and faiths. Do not force your belief on others.

3. True to yourself

If you can’t be true to yourself then you cannot be true to others. Pay attention to your needs as well!

4. What you want to be

Explore your soul and know what you want to be in life. To know what life path you want to choose and how you would attain your goals is very important.

5. Give space to others

Get rid of your false sense of entitlement. If someone doesn’t want you then leave and stop forcing yourself on them. Similar can be said for those who push themselves on you!

6. Never hurt others

If you hurt others in any way, it’ll come back to you for sure. Never give pain to others and be careful of breaking their hearts.

7. Respect nature

We should respect nature and should take care to preserve it.

8. Children

Children represent our future. This is why we should take special care in teaching them valuable things all the while giving them space to grow on their own.

9. Mistakes are common

We are all humans and we make mistakes. No one is perfect and no one can ever be.

10. Say no negative thoughts

Negative thoughts not only cause stress, anxiety and depression, but it also leads to a variety of physical illnesses.

11. Respect the earth

We should not take anything in this world for granted, not even the earth where we live. We should have respect for everything that we inherit from our environment.

12. Others’ opinions

We should acknowledge other people’s opinions instead of shutting them out. Seeing the other side can open our minds to unimaginable possibilities.

13. Do not badmouth others

Don’t gossip about others because it is only creating more negativity in your life and of the others.

14. Praying

Pray whether you are a believer or not. A prayer from the heart is never ignored.

15. Practice tolerance

You should not judge others simply because they are not doing what you think is the right thing. Be tolerant towards people who are of a different mindset than you.

16. Take control

Don’t let others decide what you want to do in life. Make your own path and take proper guidance from those who are wise.

17. Guests

We should treat our guests with kindness and amiable behavior.

18. Do not take what is others’

Be content with your share of things. Do not try to snatch others’ share. What is yours is yours and no one should be able to take that from you and you should also not do that to others.

19. Balance

Do not give in to a hedonistic lifestyle. Try to maintain balance between work and pleasure, personal and professional, body and mind.

20. Truth

Try to be truthful as often as possible. It saves the headache of remembering all those lies.

21. Elders are important

Respect your family and elders and make them proud.

 22. Respect the mother Earth

Love the land that is sustaining you. Connect with the mother earth in order to connect with the cosmos.

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