The Biggest Difference Between Alpha And Beta Woman. Which One Are You?

These days the role of a woman has changed considerably. They are not the shy, timid women of the older centuries; they are the women of the 21st century exploring all kinds of choices available in life. Some people might call them Alpha women.

An Alpha woman is not just career oriented, but she is also open and proud about her sexuality. She will make the business decisions just as easily she will make you fall in love with her. She is the Alpha in every way and you have to follow her lead because she is simply irresistible. If you can’t put up with her tempo, she is not going to wait for you…

These women will kick your ass. She is bold, courageous and in charge of her life.

As a result of this, Beta women feel insecure and diminished by the Alphas. Don’t get me wrong, it is not about who is better, but about the personality one embodies and emanates. It is not necessary that an Alpha cannot have some qualities of a Beta and vice-versa. We all are a degree of mix of different things in life.

Betas are not interested in leadership positions as such while Alphas tend to take charge with their power and influence. Alphas can be said to be confrontational and Betas as passive. But people can also learn to change their personality with time and effort.

Sometimes an Alpha woman doesn’t show herself to be one. She could be an Alpha in “disguise”. Some women might not like direct confrontation but they would love to get their way anyhow. So are they Alpha or Beta then? There is no 100% sure answer to this questions because of the personality continuum that we all have within ourselves.

It is not like one is better than the other. It is about how much of a personality of one you have in yourself. You may be a Beta, with too much of Alpha, or an Alpha with strong to middling Beta tendencies. You could also be a hybrid with equal amounts of both Alpha as well as Beta.

Bottom line is that beta females are old fashioned women. They tend to care for the babies, make the house a living place, and respect the male to lead and ‘gather’ resources for the family, while she nurtures the babies growing up in a healthy and vigorous family. On the other hand, Alpha females are the 21th century women that have (as we would call them 100 years back) the energy of the men, a female testosterone.

An Alpha female is best paired with a Beta male because if both are Alphas then there could be a problem as they both will compete for power over one another. So there is a “new catch” in town – the Beta male.

The Beta man is out there in world, in the media, and in the sociologists’ studies and statistics. He is more than the sensitive guy of a feminist’s imagination. He is strong, independent, loving, supporting and dependable. He isn’t here to show his toughness. His idea of masculinity doesn’t depend on any false notions constructed by the society.

Beta males can be the best lovers as opposed to the notion that only an Alpha male can lead you to sexual fulfillment. There is no need to compartmentalize because people can actually surprise you at times.

The old notions about an Alpha male running the show are pretty outdated. However, people still get conscious if you mention these things because they don’t want to be confronted with the reality that things in fact have changed a lot. Guys these days are not like those angry young men brooding in the corner. They (some actually) have moved forward from this image in order to live a different kind of life.

A healthy relationship between an Alpha woman and a Beta man can only be achieved if they respect each other. If she wants to lead and you have no problem in following then what is the harm? Let people say what they want to but it is your relationship and you can decide the rules.

Do you think there should be beta males and stay-at-home-dads more and more than vice versa – alpha males and beta females? Let us know in the comments bellow!

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