11 Reasons Why An Empath Makes The Best Type Of Relationship Partner

Being an empath is a task in itself. Given how the world functions, existing as an empath is no easy task.

Despite all of this, when it comes to dating, an empath is probably the best choice one can make. Empaths possess the ability to sense other peoples’ feelings and emotions without them being vocal about it.

Following is a list of reasons why an empath is the best person to date:

1. Unconditional Love

Empaths can’t fake emotion or feeling, so you will always have the assurance that whatever they say is true and they are never lying. They are always there to calm and soothe their partners when they are distressed and are always in touch with their tender side.

2. Optimism

Optimism is kind of a prerequisite for being an empath, because if they are not optimistic, empaths will not be able to function, owing to the negativity and sadness that characterises the modern world. Optimists do not require constant cheering up from external sources because they are inherently happy people and therefore have the ability to cheer their partner up too.

3. Healing Powers

Empaths are natural healers. They not only listen to you and understand your pain but also feel it themselves and try to lessen it and make it go away. Their partner’s well being is their first priority.

4. They radiate Happiness

An empath’s happiness is genuine, and comes from within. An empath is only true to him/her self when they are happy. They have the ability to create happiness from within and spread it around, doing away with sadness and dampened spirits.

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5. Honesty

Empaths are inherently honest people. They could not lie or hide their true feelings even if they tried, so they just don’t even try. They are always cent percent honest about what they are feeling and never fake any emotion. They are true to their soul and always real.

6. Loyalty

Loyalty is part and parcel of being honest. It would never even occur to them to do something disloyal… even the thought of it would tear them apart. They believe in living life honourably, being truthful and not going behind people’s backs. Once they are in love, their love is fierce and genuine. They would not do anything to hurt their partners.

7. Relating

Empaths are keen observers and they pay attention to the minute details about a person. They are often able to discover off beat aspects of your personality that they can relate to and form a special bond.

8. They Change you for the Better

Empaths live their lives for other people. Their only mission in life is to make the world a better place, they inspire you, help you and motivate you to be better person. They don’t give up on you and keep pushing till you have reached your full potential.

9. They are Creative

When it comes to solving problems in a way that’s different and far away from any clichés, empaths are your best choice. They are creative and have a free flowing imagination. They solve problems in a way that is not conventional and make sure they aren’t disadvantaging anybody.

10. They are Calm

Empaths are calm people. They do not get aggressive or overreact. They think thoroughly and make decisions only after composed thought and evaluation of the situation at hand.

11. They are even better to human beings more than they are to human emotions

They put humans over everything. To them, nothing is more important than the human itself.

“A prerequisite to empathy is simply paying attention to the person in pain.” – Daniel Goleman

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