11 Traits Of An Unforgettable Woman

The world is replete with absolute gorgeous women. Yet some of them end lonely, without love, or even friends. How could this possibly happen?

In most cases, the truth is that she has given up. You date too many people of questionable characters, and the concept of love seems pointless to you. Lies, cheating, being taken advantage of, are all things most women have faced too many times.

These women are kind and caring – 2 personality traits that are taken for granted way too often.

An unforgettable woman is “the one who got away”. Her previous boyfriends curse themselves for ruining their relationship with her.

It is very sad that they are not valued while they are in their lives. It only goes to reflect the latter’s stupidity. The winner has always been hated by the ones who lost. The same can be said for these women.

What makes a woman so unforgettable? Here are 11 traits:

1. Your Kindness

You give even when you don’t get. There is always a smile on your face, and you’ll even welcome the villain with open arms. Being mean is not a part of your nature. Whenever you enter a room, it feels like sunshine has just walked in. There have been a countless number of humans who owe a lot of their happiness to you.

2. Your Independence

It’s the 21st century, and what would you rather be than your own person? It is highly commendable that you know exactly where you stand. No man (or woman) has to validate your existence at every given step. While you do enjoy compliments, they are not necessary for your self-worth.

3. Your Selflessness

You prioritize others. Somehow, you are always ready to give. Some would say it is in direct clash with the principle of self-love, but you know there’s nothing wrong in giving your all for the people you love. The weight of the world is on you, and you must do right by it.

4. Your Grace

Poise and gracefulness make a woman. Sophistication is key if you want to be appreciated in this society. You know how to work your own style into the acceptable modes of dressing. Everybody is in awe of your manners and the sheer dignity in all your steps. With your head held high, you could easily pass off as a princess.

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5. Your Passion

You know what you want, and you chase it with all you have. It doesn’t matter how high or low the goal is. It could be the smallest thing in the world. But if you want to achieve it, you get down to work. Not a lot of people can boast of this discipline, and I’m glad you embody it.

6. Your Support

Irrespective of what war your friends are fighting, you’ll be there to hold them up. They could fall a million times over, and you’d still catch them. You never tire from catering to their plights because you are superhuman. It could be that their argument is wrong, but you will continue to be there for them, because that is what friends do.

7. Your Insight

You believe in your friends. You see right through them in most cases. When they are upset, you know what they’re hiding. If they’re angry, you know whose nose to break. You always know what they are meant for, even when they don’t.

8. Your Energy

This society has nothing on you. You can face the music without flinching at all. Reality may be as harsh as it gets, but it never makes you back down. You are a wonderful person to be around. Honestly, your aura makes your friends feel much better. Hold on to this positivity. It’s really hard to come by.

9. Your Honesty

You can be brutally honest when you need to be. It isn’t like you can only talk in honey-flavoured tones. If somebody does something to merit your wrath, or if some honest piece of advice has to sound mean, then you go ahead and do it. After all, one cannot sugarcoat everything.

10. Your Persistence

You refuse to give up! Life gets tougher by the minute. Some would say, even human beings are becoming more obscure. But as each day passes, you just keep growing stronger. You continue to give, to help, to support, to love, and hold the world together.

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11. Your Love

We are grateful for everything you do. We thank you. For every time you have catered to our last-minute demands, listened to our sob story, given us brilliant advice, cleaned up our mess, and basically, made our lives a much better place.

We appreciate your existence. Thank you for all the magic.

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