6 Reasons Empaths Freeze Around Inauthentic People

Empaths are very sensitive to the emotional energy of people. It is only natural that they will try to avoid those who are not genuine. They will entirely shut themselves to negative and drama-queens and drama-kings. Those people who do not give truthful and honest vibes to empaths, they are actually hiding some deep pain with their untrue behavior.

There could be many reasons for their pretense, as an early empathy you might not be able to discover people’s true reasons. As you sharpen your skills you will be able to read why people are behaving badly to you or to others.

Here are a few things that indicate that there is an inauthentic or untrue person around you:

1. Someone who is very nice to everyone in the group and wants to be loved by everyone.

2. Those who hide their anger or hate within themselves and try to convince the world that they are okay.

3. Those people who have had troubled childhood. Such people grow up to hide their pain and insecurities and pretend to be tough on the outside.

4. Someone who is hiding their true personality inside another personality because they fear that society will not accept them.

5. A person who insincerely praises you. Those who endlessly praise you are merely flatterers or ill-meaning people.

6. Those who cook up stories in order to be seen as interesting in front of others.

Here are the ways in which empaths usually react when they come across the above mentioned people:

1. Empaths will know if they do not get proper vibes from a person so they will try to avoid such people. There might not be a valid reason for their behavior but they know when to avoid people will deceitful habits.

2. You are not able to talk to such people. It is like you don’t feel like even talking two words to them. It is not your fault; it is just that your brain automatically switches off when you come in contact with them.

3. You feel that there’s a pit in your stomach whenever you area round them. It won’t go away until you leave their dreadful presence.

4. If you spend too much time in their company you start feeling ill or sick. It starts affecting you physically! You feel drained and exhausted because all their negativity finds its way to you as you excel at perceiving emotional energies.

5. You feel guilty because it’s not the fault of the person for who they are, or why they are acting in a certain way. When you start seeing and understanding their reasons then you start empathizing with them. But their behavior again puts a barrier across you two.

6. All this gives you a feeling of helplessness. You can’t seem to understand what you are supposed to do.

So now that you know what happens when empaths meet fake people, you should also know that all empaths are not epitome of truth and honesty. There are also times when you can find an empath faking their behavior. They hide this from the world. They don’t do it for self-gain or pleasure of any kind but to go through life without having a breakdown.

Faking it can get us through life but it is not the healthiest way to live. Not many people are aware that they hide their true feelings and pretend to be happy. We start doing it so often that it happens unconsciously till the time there is an excessive buildup which will lead to an explosive outburst.

We hide emotions like hate, anger, jealousy, sadness and fear because there is no proper way to channelize these emotions for most people. They remain buried deep inside and corrode us from within. Empath or no empath, we all are human beings and need to express our desires and emotions because when left unexpressed, they will slowly kill us.

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