3 Ways to Strengthen Your Aura and Protect Yourself from Emotional Vampires

Believe it or not, all of us are caught in the rat race of the world. In our fast paced lives, it is easy to feel exhausted at the end of the day and not care to channelise our energy is a positive way. This drained of aura is extremely concerning and gradually turns you into an emotional vampire.

Do you wake up irritated with the world? Do you feel like nothing is worth your time and that you are being sucked into a void? Then you are doing something wrong. Life is beautiful and you are special. Do not give into chaos.

What Causes Aura Drain?

You might think that it is you against the world but it is actually you against you. The world does not force you to take up bad habits like smoking, drinking and doing drugs. Lack of exercise is increasing among the youth as their work is limited mostly to the desks. Eating junk food in abundance due to lack of time or shortage of fresh air due to pollution is the most common scenario.

Stress level is steadily increasing in every sphere of life and resting time is compromised. This extremely unhealthy lifestyle is responsible for aura drain.

How Do I Maintain A Healthy Aura?

Take small steps that will make great changes. Try to change the things noted above.

These tips will definitely help:

1. Don’t Let Yourself Get Drained In The First Place

Have you noticed that some people feel infinitely worse even after talking to you? Do you feel like some people are energy vampires? Are you surrounded by negativity at all times? This may be a major cause for you to feel exhausted.

Cut these people out of your lives. You do not need people leeching energy. Make a list of things that leave you drained and avoid them, Identification is the first step towards recovery.

2. Practise energy Breathing

Meditation, yoga and other spiritual practices involve controlling and maintaining your breath. This is primarily because it helps to balance your energy. It is a very simple process, first, to need to place your hand on your nose. Place the thumb on one side and rest of your fingers on the other side. Now, press your thumb to close the nostril, press your tongue on the roof of your mouth and relax.

Second, gently breathe in through your nose. This technique balances the contradictory poles in you – male and female, sun and moon, positive and negative. Inhale four seconds, let the nasal hairs filter the sir.

Third, close the other nostril with the help of your fingers and hold your breath up to a count of sixteen. If you can’t then start with a shorter count and work your way up.

Fourth, release the thumb. Breathe out to a count of eight.

Finally, breathe in through your open nostril. Repeat the process you completed on the other nostril.

Complete a total of 6 cycles.

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3. Use The Cleansing Vortex

The cleansing vortex indeed helps you release the tonnes of energy you accumulate throughout the day. The first step is to feel at ease. Clear your mind and relax. The energy breathing technique can help you achieve calm.

The second step is to imagine an energy whirlwind twenty feet above your head, Pause, picture the tunnel working itself deep into your body, entering from the crown. You see the whirlwind rotating clockwise, picking up all the negative energy in your body and accumulating it at your feet in the end. When you feel free from all the tense energy, imagine the cleansing vortex leaving.

These techniques will work only if you identify the troublesome aspects in your life.

Let go and be positive!

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