23 Signs You Are Clairsentient – Individual Who Receives Psychic Signals and Auras Without Realizing it

The ability to be Clairsentient allows an individual to receive and process energies which are not transmitted physically.

We’re talking about the ability to perceive psychic information. People transmit psychic signals and auras all the time without realizing it. Some people may not realize that when they are able to pick up on these energies they are actually tuning into their psychic abilities. As is the case with all psychic abilities, anyone can learn to develop Clairsentience.

That’s why below we’ve given a comprehensive list of signs to look out for in case you are nurturing this ability. Most Clairsentient people take some time in realizing that they are Clairsentient.

Here are the signs to look out for:

1. You are very sensitive to energy of your surroundings. You enter a place and easily pick up subtle hints that tell you that something might be off.

2. You get overwhelmed in large crowds. This is not claustrophobia, since you can also tap into the energies of a place where a violent act has taken place and be affected by it.

3. You sometimes describe buildings and places as ‘heavy’ or ‘light’.

4. You make a good judge of character. Your first impressions of a person tend to be spot on.

5. You have a great amount of empathy for other people and can metaphorically ‘walk in their shoes’.

6. You experience spiritual chills or get goose bumps as a sort of validation of truth.

7. You can sense the presence of other ethereal spirits around you.

8. When speaking, you tend to use the phrase “I feel that” rather than “I see” or “I know”.

9. You can easily read people and feel their pain.

10. Negative entities and the memories of violence make you nauseous.

11. You feel the joyful presence of angels.

12. You’ve noticed changes in your ambient environment (temperature, air etc.) with no apparent explanation.

13. You have a keen sense of smell.

14. You can sense when two people have been arguing, are angry with each other or when there’s something between them.

15. You get tingling sensations on the top of your head.

16. You’ve thought of someone in your life and gotten the sense you could feel what they were feeling.

17. Sometimes you feel like you’re not entirely alone.

18. You’ve felt someone touching or brushing your hair even when you were completely alone.

19. You feel a tingle when you’re at full alertness.

20. Your mood shifts depending on your environment and who you speak to.

21. Out of nowhere you’ve experienced your vibration lifting, and strong energy sensations in your body.

22. You can instinctively tell when someone is lying to you.

23. You have an extremely strong sense of intuition.

Clairsentience also allows you to communicate with Spirit, animals, angels, ascended masters, your higher self, and even with the souls or higher spirits of other people.

Clairsentience uses your body, and your inner feelings to bring you information and knowledge. To develop this ability, increasing your overall awareness is key. You need to learn to listen to your body, and to your heart, while quieting the constant chatter of the mind.

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