5 things only Old Souls will be able to understand

Some of us have been misfits all our lives, not exactly falling into a category and not finding our place. We have been called names for not wanting to conform and have been shunned out or laughed at. We find staying indoors better than going on a night out; we are our most comfortable when we are in the middle of Mother Nature… we find true peace in meditation.

This article is a small attempt at inclusion and not to hate on people who don’t feel the same way, to make the so-called misfits feel included in the group of misfits that would fit perfectly together, forming a sense of belongingness.

Following is a list of 5 things that only old souls would understand.

1. The need for time alone

Life gets a bit too much sometimes, with more than you can take going on, so you feel the need to get away for a while, to be with yourself and reflecting upon things… just trying to understand how everything might fit into the grand plan. It feels like detoxifying yourself, and it becomes extremely necessary, as you need a bit of time off to recharge yourself to a point where you feel like you can face the world again.

2. Wanting to grow

You don’t like staying in your one well defined comfort zone. You are willing to put yourself through pain and heartbreak because you want to experience new things and learn more about the person you are and challenging yourself to new things. You don’t want to not do things and regret later. You understand that great things happen once you get out of your comfort zone. You understand that your comfort zone stuns your growth as a person.

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3. Observation and Intuition

When you meet people, you realise that you are borderline exceptional at reading them. You observe the little things they do and how they act and react to certain things. This happens because you’ve probably come across similar people in your past lives and hence have the understanding of the particular archetype. This innate ability to be a good judge of character helps you identify when people are lying and when they are not, or what they might be thinking. It sounds creepy but it is honestly fascinating and immensely helpful, as it gives you an idea of who you want to let in and who you do not.

4. Being averse to the mainstream

The mainstream, to you, is repulsive. You hate listening to what everyone is listening to, because it is not your thing, you feel like mainstream cinema is mostly sell-out stuff to feed the corporations. The media of the mainstream isn’t unbiased and hence the fake-ness of it bothers you. You feel the need to find art that calms you spiritually and makes you feel moved on a deeper level, and is not just mere time-pass.

5. The journey means something to you

You aren’t deep and thoughtful because it is trendy. You embody the feelings of gratefulness and humility because you realise how big the world actually is and how you are just a speck. You are not running after material gain and happiness, you look at the sky for too long and you meditate in the wild. You have a deeper understanding of things and how the world works. You realise that everything is impermanent and nothing lasts forever, so you don’t believe in taking anything for granted. The journey of life does not scare you; you go with its flow.

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