These 7 things will happen when you start doing Planks every day

Planks are one of the most effective exercises, as they help you achieve substantial results faster than other forms of exercise.

It is the one exercise that survives all trends and fads and comes back stronger. Owing to its result producing characteristics, it is a staple in every form of workout.

Planks have been around ever since fitness became a thing, making its way to one of the most important exercises that cannot be skipped at any cost.

If you are not convinced by the general positive history of doing planks, following is a list of benefits that will make you start:

1. Improvement In Definition And Performance

Planks are the best abdominal exercise there can be because they engage all major core muscle groups including the transverse abdominus, the rectus abdominusthe external oblique muscle, and the glutes. They help you gain strength to lift heavy objects, increase stamina, help you become more flexible, and finally, doing planks helps you achieve a shapely, tight butt!

Planks work on your abdominal muscles, getting you to a point where you can feel yourself achieving strength and fitness.

2. Boosts Your Metabolism

Doing planks help you burn more calories than you normally would, which helps working up your metabolism. That being said, doing planks helps you lose calories even when you are not moving!

It is best suited for people who spend a lot of time on their desks and work stations. If you do planks regularly, your work out is not the only time your body is burning calories. You fall into the process of burning calories at all times.

3. Less Risk Of Injury

Doing planks strengthens your muscles and help you develop a better core, protecting you from future injuries and helps you reduce existing pain in your back and upper arms. It makes your body develop a better frame and works on improving your tolerance and understanding of muscular pain. If you do planks the right way and you do it regularly, your body frees up, helping pain that’s already there and eliminating future possibility of injury.

4. Helps Your Posture

Planks give strength to your abdominal cavity, which helps you hold on to the postures and give you poise as muscles in your abdominal area play a significant role in getting your posture right. Planks give shape to your body and let you get into postures that are good for your body.

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5. Helps Maintain Balance

You know the feeling when you try standing on one leg but your body does not let it happen? This happens because your body is not strong enough to hold the balance.

Planks help you gain core strength and maintain balance even when your workout schedule includes difficult and strenuous activities.

6. Helps Become Flexible

Doing planks helps you stretch your posterior muscle groups- toes and hamstrings, including your shoulder blades and collarbones. They also work on your oblique muscles and help you become more flexible than you are. Planks contribute to an increase in your stamina and make you physically fitter than you are or used to be.

7. Mental Health

Planks stretch out nerves which help in releasing the stress that is caused by sitting in one place for too long or leading a sedentary lifestyle. It helps release the contractions, and even helps symptoms of mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression. Your mental issues caused due to slumped shoulders and minimal movement will be helped vastly. A fitter, healthier body leads to better emotional well being.

Overall, planks come with a plethora of benefits that one simply can’t ignore. Put on the gym clothes and get to it as soon as you can!

Image source: Passion4Profession

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