8 Clear Signs That Indicate Your Intuition Is No Longer Serving You

Right from the beginning man’s intuition or so-called gut feeling, has been his line of defence and also his biggest weapon.

Even today it is the same gut feeling or intuition that helps us in sticky situations where rationality does not quite cut it and it also makes us imaginative as the situation requires.

Being in sync with your gut makes you a more successful person in the race of life.

Here are eight signs that might suggest that you are not being served by your intuition anymore:

1. You are confused most of the times

When it comes to making decisions in life you are confused. Your general state of affairs seems to be ruddy and unorganised.

This is because you are not in tune with your gut; as a result your decision making process is out of order.

2. You have become less flexible

That’s because your gut feeling which helps you adapt to situations is not in tune with your mind. When you follow your intuition, you go with the gentle flow of things, knowing you will be okay; however when you are not in sync, things go haywire.

Your life turns rigid and it becomes dictated by things like the clock, calendar and deadlines.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that intuitive people are totally disorganised; thing is they know when to say yes and when to refuse commitments right from the beginning.

3. You see people betraying you

To simplify this, you can’t seem to read situations or people as well as you used to. People do things that might not have surprised you before, but now they do.

Also you’ll notice that your close friends would have seen the same thing coming for years.

Wanting to see the best in people is good but not at the cost of being blindsided by their shadows.

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4. You are perpetually in regret

One of the biggest things intuition does is that it helps you see things more or less clearly way before they happen. That way you not only take the right decisions, but are also prepared for the consequences.

If you find yourself regretting most things you are doing in life, be it romantic endeavours or career choices, it is probably because you can’t tap into your own intuition any more.

5. You are losing out on your own individual personality

You change with your crowd and it’s a continuous and frequent process. Sometimes conformity is a wonderful thing but when you are in tune with your intuition, you don’t need a mask to wear. Your personality would automatically be spontaneous and wonderful.

Being a chameleon should not be a permanent state of affairs. You should be looking to actually enriching your own personality to a level high enough for people to look out for you and not the other way around.

6. Your self-doubt cripples you

“Thanks to” your not being in tune with your intuition, you try to take the reins of your life in your hands, your doubts about your own capabilities cripple you, often making it impossible to do things as simple as get out of bed.

You start to question things including yourself too much because you are just not confident enough. It feels like you lost the shade above your head.

Now it’s also not advisable to not filter the advice from your intuition.

But over time, as you confirm how things went when you followed your intuition, you’ll develop evidence-based faith.

Right then, there’s no room from self-doubt.

7. You dismiss your instincts as crazy and irrational way too many times

Never do that. Instincts are inexplicable; you never know who needs you or whom you need and where you might meet them.

Try to step out of the gloom of self-doubt and try doing what your inner voice asks you to.

Miracle happen.

8. You give your powers away too easily

Thanks to the same self-doubt you are turning into a doormat; you do whatever anyone asks of you. You have lost your ability to refuse anything because you can’t read people anymore.

You can’t bring yourself to make the most critical decisions for yourself.

As a result people too have naturally started taking you for granted.

Now, there is nothing greater in life than introspection and belief. Try and reflect on how your gut feeling had worked for you in the past and try to connect more with yourself.

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