Here Are 8 Things I Stopped Giving A Sh*t About In My 20s

While we grow up, we paint an ideal picture of how life should be lived. An ideal lifestyle is portrayed to us by the popular culture, and we grow up aiming for it.

However, things come to a halt when we hit our 20s. That’s when the realization sets in that all things never go according to plan, and life has a way of knocking us on our backs when we least expect it.

And thus we start developing our own outlook towards life and rejecting conventions.

Here are 8 things I have grown to stop caring about with time:

1. Having children

It is seen as the obvious step in an adult’s life, something the family and society makes sure you know. The biological-clock starts ticking and with it begins the endless thoughts about children and family planning.

But seeing how the people around me still aren’t happy and fulfilled after having children, but rather get more stressed, the thought doesn’t hold much gravity for me.

Children are a big and lifelong responsibility, if you aren’t ready for it you must not commit to it. It won’t be fair to either you or the child. It’s perfectly fine to decide not to have children, or to have them later on. Don’t rush those life-changing decisions.

2. Needing parent’s approval for all your endeavors

We grow up completely dependent on our parents for information and approval. Our actions are decided upon after a nod from them, they were indispensible for us.

Now, as we grow up we realize that they are also human and can make mistakes. This understanding leads us to take decisions for ourselves, by ourselves. We don’t actively seek our parent’s approval for all our actions as we know that differences of opinions are inevitable.

3. Small talk

Rather than engage in meaningless small talk over the weather and topical issues, I now prefer to not talk in those situations.

It is a waste of time and effort, and doesn’t help anyone grow. So why bother engaging in it?

4. Social media validation

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat have become a big part of our lives, one which we cannot do without. The likes and validation that we received for each picture or update brought with it a jolt of happiness.

This dependence on other’s appreciation and viewpoints has slowly lessened with time. As I’ve grown older, I’ve started paying less attention to gratification by others and more attention to living in the moment.

5. Stressing over grades on assignments

We are so stressed all the time in the race to get the best grades ever since we get into school that it becomes an internalized habit.

As we grow up we understand that it’s an exercise in vain. Employers don’t ask for straight A’s all through your transcripts. So better ease up a bit, work as much as necessary but make sure not to over-exert yourself.

It’s important to enjoy your present too, rather than stress over a future one is unsure about.

6. Choosing to relax at home over partying

FOMO used to be an unavoidable stress in our younger days. Being at home, one couldn’t help but feel bad about all the fun people outside must be having.

In our late 20s this trend takes a nosedive. Now we are more than happy to stay at home and relax over a night out.

7. Seeking a house and marriage as the ultimate aim of life

A cute little family with a perfect house is the image of bliss that has been painted for us since forever. We grew up thinking that this was the ultimate aim and happiness in life.

With age and maturity we realize that this isn’t so. You don’t need to settle down; you don’t need a marriage to be truly happy.

Fulfillment won’t arrive through following conventions. It comes through making your own decisions even if it clashes with societal norms.

8. Having a supermodel’s body

What seemed at one time to be the most coveted body figure, now just doesn’t entice that much. As we grow up we realize that it is not important to have a supermodel’s body in order to be attractive.

Exercise enough to keep fit, but never starve. We must indulge ourselves from time to time while keeping our body and mental fitness in check.

It’s crucial to understand the importance of self growth and the lessons we learn from it. Not everything we learn is wrong, but most of it is based on experiences of other people and thus could be totally different for you.

How can one know which way to take until they let go of past rigid opinions and embrace change? Do it, and feel yourself becoming a better, fuller soul.

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