According To Psychologists, People Who Cry A Lot Have This Unique Personality Trait

The stigma around emotion is something very unnatural. If you feel the need to vent, it is okay to resort to crying. This activity has always been viewed as a sign of massive weakness, but that is flawed perception. Feelings are natural, and not something we should suppress. In fact, bottled up emotions, over a long period of time, become extremely toxic for your mental health. Even those around you suffer when you become a cold block of ice.

The truth is, we all cry sometimes. It only makes us human. While some cry in secret, others are strong enough to let their guards down in public. This should never be targeted as something silly or wrong. Letting your emotions out is both natural and necessary.

You Know How To Relieve Stress

The American Psychology Association conducted a research in 1983. This stated that most respondents experienced a high degree of relaxation post their bout of crying. This is because they could feel the toxins from their emotional upheaval, leaving their body.

Imagine your sorrows as a cup full of water. The cup is your mind, and the water represents all the problematic thoughts that you are having. Crying is a way out pouring some of that water out of your system. Quite literally, it is a cleansing process of the brain. It releases several hormones that cushion you into happiness.

Prof. Roger Baker hailing from Bournemouth University discussed that this activity transforms despair into something concrete. This is an extremely interesting insight. All our emotions are completely abstract, and therefore, really difficult to deal with. But once they have been given a concrete character, they become a little easier to grasp. The impact or the stress diminishes significantly once you’ve cried it out.

It Shows You Don’t Care About What Others Think

I find it terribly difficult to cry in public. That is also why I know how difficult it is to do that. The only times I have been compelled to do so are ones where I have been overwhelmed beyond my control. So, it is either that you are really strong, or that the emotion is overpowering, and both of these possibilities should inspire respect.

You feel your cheeks flush, and the judgement from all the people around you, but you do not care. It is not their issue to deal with. They are not living your life. You can handle your crisis in any way you deem fit, irrespective of how you come off to the public. They will not solve your problems for you.

A research carried out in 1964 found that our surroundings are not as hostile as we think they are. People reported to be more sympathetic and understanding of the ones crying, than judging or mistreating them. They immediately felt responsible and were helpful in whatever way they could.

While it did make people uncomfortable to see another person crying, it does not mean you must become inhuman. You choose yourself over the social conditioning of humanity, and that is praiseworthy.

You Aren’t Afraid Of Your Feelings

There are several things that could propel you towards crying. Maybe it’s your last resort, or maybe you’re unafraid to take that particular path more often. Either way, it is okay, and you know it.

We cry because of many things: an imbalance in our hormones, wrath, injustice, loss, bereavement, betrayal, sometime even happiness. Our perceptions are different.

The most common reason why people refuse crying is social stigma. We have set unnatural standards for human behavior. You cannot cry without being intruded upon, or negatively judged. I mean, let a person breathe! However, you don’t care about any of that.

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Crying Makes You A Better Friend

This is such a great way to test character. When you show vulnerability, people around you grow more comfortable. They understand that you are sensitive, and will respect their emotions.

It helps you bridge a huge gap and reduce isolation. Those who abandon you for your emotions are not worth having in your life. So, you also learn who your true well-wishers are.

Crying And Mental Illness

A heightened sense of sadness or despair can be a major hint at depression. Under these circumstances, it is best to consult a psychiatrist. You may not know what the problem is, but that is exactly what a doctor is for. Please seek help if you think you need it.

Some online help can be found at:

Better Help

Hope Care

International Help Lines


In order to be a healthy individual, you have to learn how to manage your emotions. Not due to social stigma or gender binaries, but because they affect your well being. Cry when you want to; wear your emotions like a badge of honor. You’ve got only one life. Take your own decisions.

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