If You Spot Any Of These 13 Signs Don’t Leave The Guy You Are Dating

All women have an idea of a dream man that they want to build a life together. All ladies would agree when I say that we all would like certain qualities in our men that would set them apart from the crowd.

We all want to be loved and respected; our needs, wants and wishes listened and catered.

There are certain basic ways a man shows that he truly respects and regards the woman that he is with and the following list will give all women a fair idea of the above.

1. When he introduces you to his near and dear ones, he cannot stop talking about your talents and things that characteristically make who you are. He exaggerates and keeps telling them about you as long as he can.

2. He gets possessive when he hears you talk about other people that you meet and share platonic relationships with as he realises your worth and is aware that if he does not cherish you enough and does not let make enough effort to keep you, there are a lot of other people who would be happy to do it for you.

3. Sexually, it is almost always about pleasing you. He focuses on what gives you the maximum pleasure and is never hesitant to try new things that you suggest or express the desire for. He does not give up till you are completely satisfied.

4. When you are talking to someone else or are in a social situation where you are doing the talking, he looks at you as you cruise through the conversation or the situation simply because he likes looking at you.

5. When he needs advice or any kind of help in something that you happen to be good at, he will always come to you as he believes that you are perfectly capable of giving him the best advice that he can possibly get and truly trusts your judgement.

6. He pushes you beyond your limits and out of your comfort zone because he knows that you can always improve and have a lot of potential. He understands that great things happen out of your comfort zone and he is always there to help you push yourself.

7. He does not hold back when it comes to giving compliments and goes all out to tell everyone around him how highly he thinks of you. He draws hyperboles because he wants you to know that he considers you to be special.

8. He never makes any important decisions about anything without consulting you or taking your opinion on the things the both of you consider important. It can be anything, starting from minimal to bigger and more important issues. He does not take you and your niceness for granted.

9. When you are going through a tough time and are feeling low and dejected, he makes significant efforts to enhance your state of mind and make you feel better. He tries to completely understand exactly what you might be feeling but in case he does not, he does not trivialise it but tries his best to put you at ease.

10. Sometimes, when arguing, we end up saying things we do not mean. When this happens, he does not change his opinion of you as he understands that people say things when they are upset or angry and does not make a big fuss out of it.

11. When he hurts you, he is genuinely apologetic and truly wishes to make things better. He does not invalidate the pain that he might have caused you and makes all the effort possible to work on it and make you feel better.

12. He is always there to help you financially as well. He never shies away from helping you when you need the help and hides nothing from you.

13. When you are not around or he has to go someplace without you, he does not hide his desire for you to be there. He tells you that he wants and needs you to be around him.

If you spot more of these signs in the guy you are dating, you’ve gotten yourself a keeper. Don’t let him go!

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