If You Want A Long Lasting Relationship, Stop Doing These 6 Things

1. Stop being negative

If you embark on a relationship with the constant thought that it will not last, then chances are it won’t. It’s called self-fulfilling prophecy. Each time something goes haywire, the first thought in your head should not be that you always knew it would not work out. The more you think so, the worse it would become, to the point that you will start testing your partner’s levels of patience. The moment he/she breaks after the constant bad behaviours and chooses to leave, you will chalk it up to the fact that it was never supposed to work out.

Don’t ever become this person.

2. Don’t play games

If you’re old enough to think of a serious relationship, you’re old enough to ditch those silly mind games. Next time you’re sad/hurt/angry, talk it out instead of keeping shut and trying to get even with your partner in some other way. Misplaced anger and lack of proper communication is the most dangerous way in which you can sabotage a good relationship. Keep away from manipulative tactics and be straight in your approach!

3. Love is not enough

Yes, it may seem like an eye-opener, but truly, love is never enough. Yes, Love ensures attraction and commitment but to be able to hold on to each other through thick and thin, it is important to value and like your partner as an individual and as a friend. When you learn to spend time with each other as friends, it is only then that you truly start respecting your partner. It is then that you realise that you genuinely like them as a friend and do not constantly rely on Love to get you through the tough times.

4. Stop being jealous

The foundation of any relationship is based on trust. And if you don’t trust your partner enough to not get jealous at the drop of a hat, then why bother being in a relationship at all? You may have been betrayed before but that doesn’t justify making your partner bear the brunt of your past baggage. And if your partner is the one who is constantly jealous, then it is time to walk away. A relationship which does not value the tenets of trust is not one made of love but is driven by possessiveness and the concept of ownership. True love is in trustful abandon!

5. Never settle for anything less

When it comes to starting a relationship, if it is with anyone who doesn’t meet your ideas and perceptions of what you want, it will always end in disappointment. Never settle for anything less than what you desire and deserve. The moment you do that, there will be an imbalance in the power dynamics in your relationship. What’s the point of being with someone if you do not hold ample amount of respect and love for your partner?

6. You don’t need to be in Love to be Happy

The biggest way to not sabotage a relationship is to not be in one just for the sake of it! Yes, we all crave for a significant other to enjoy things with and to love and cherish. But it is important to love yourself first and in order to do that you must take care of yourself! Be fit, cultivate knowledge, travel, and be the best version of who you can be! And when the time is right, you will come across the right kind of people who are perfect for you!

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