People Are Struggling To Solve This Brain Teaser In Only Three Moves. Can You Solve It?

People on the internet are getting crazy over this brain-teaser which you can try at home. You only need toothpicks and a well-prepared brain!

The challenge was posted to Quora by Brian Hoang. While he was having lunch in Mexico the waiter showed his family a brain-teaser that is “good for the brain.”

He arranged 12 toothpicks on the table like this:

Image source: Brian Hoang/Quora

The objective of the brain-teaser is to turn the above into three perfect squares using exactly three moves. Here are the technicalities:

  • One move classifies as moving one toothpick in any manner.
  • A perfect square is one in which all four corners are closed (i.e. the toothpicks are touching).
  • You cannot break or otherwise modify a toothpick.
  • You cannot put two toothpicks right next to each other and count that as one side.
  • You must use exactly three moves as mentioned above. No less, no more.
  • All three squares must be of the same size.
  • Every toothpick must be part of a square.

Ready, set, go!

(The answer is below, but don’t be too lazy!)

Step 1

Image source: Brian Hoang/Quora

Step 2

Image source: Brian Hoang/Quora

Step 3

Image source: Brian Hoang/Quora

That’s it! Was it easy? Or you directly jumped to the answer section? Be honest!

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