8 Signs Your Strong Personality Might Scares Some People

When people meet you, they draw unkind opinions of you, thinking that you may be rude or bossy.

Neither the former, nor the latter actually reflect on who you are. It is the self assurance and lack of attention seeking that intimidates other people.

Your personality intimidates people because they generally assume that you are unnecessarily rude or just have an ill disposition.

You have been called names and been shut out of groups and social situations. This happens because you are inherently confident and don’t require to feel accepted because you can make your own place without anyone’s help.

Your strong personality is your biggest asset, it ignites envy in other people, which adds to the light sense of not belonging in you, but at the end of the day, you know you will get it together.

Here are 8 signs that you have a strong personality that scares other people:

1. You don’t tolerate excuses

You don’t like it when people make excuses for not doing something because you think the reasons to do something outnumber the reasons not to do it. You believe in hard work and overcoming barriers and getting stuff done. For you, it’s not about what people CAN do, but what they ARE doing.

2. You don’t let everyone in

You are careful when it comes to deciding who you want to surround yourself with. You don’t need people around you telling you what you should do or what you need to do because your head is in the right place and knows what to do at any given time.

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3. Small talk is not your thing

You despise it. You don’t believe in wasting your time making irrelevant, unimportant conversations when you could be doing something productive with the intensity and number of ideas that pass you by every single second.

4. You hate Insensitivity, Ignorance and Idiocy

Domination is a result of lack of knowledge, as we all know that empty vessels make the most sound. Your strong personality is a result of knowledge and study, so it bothers you when other people pass comments about things they don’t know much about. You don’t advocate talking without coherent thought and idea.

5. You are a good listener

Strength of personality is not all about talking; it involves the keen art of listening, too. People want to be heard and you have the ear for it.

6. You don’t crave for attention

You don’t need attention to validate you, quite contrary to popular belief. You are very social, not because you enjoy being so, but mostly because you are always attracting people with your personality and hence are demanded to be present everywhere. All of this does not mean that you do not require alone time.

7. You fear nothing

This isn’t entirely true, because despite having a strong personality, you are still human. The point here is that you don’t let your fear rule you. You work relentlessly to overcome it.

8. Insecurity is opportunity 

Your insecurities don’t limit you. Nobody is perfect and therefore neither are you, but that does not mean you live a mediocre life, not trying to chase perfection and getting over your insecurities. Sure, there are obstacles, but you fight them like the fighter you are.

It can be concluded that your strong personality is always going to help you excel in whatever you are doing and never hold you back. Your personality inspires other people to work harder and be the best that they can, too.

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Image originally made by Maja Topčagić

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