10 Reasons Why Most Men Can’t Handle An Empath in a Relationship

An empath can be defined as someone who understands other people’s pain and truly makes an effort to alleviate it and make things better. A woman who is an empath characteristically has a big heart and makes every possible effort to protect the man she is with and go through every struggle herself.

All of this makes the empath woman the perfect person to date, but the reason most of these women stay single is because men find it difficult to deal with women with such depth and complexities. There are a lot of other reasons why women who are empaths are more than the average man is equipped to handle.

1. Asking Many Questions

Most men avoid complicated conversations and hard questions about life. They function by routines and habits, while the empathic woman looks for someone she can talk about and share her dreams and hopes with and have deep emotional conversations with. Empathic women do not really frivolously date, which is why they need a certain degree of involvement and involvement comes with sharing a lot of things and asking a lot of questions.

2. Too Much Honesty

Sometimes in relationships people have to tell white lies to avoid bigger problems and keep things going as they were. An empath cannot help it being honest. An empathic woman will always be honest, even at a cost. It is not in her to be dishonest to avoid conflict or anything of the sort.

3. She Knows What She Wants

She is not really figuring life out. She is certain of what she wants and how she wants it. Her hardheadedness might intimidate a lot of men. She does not second guess her decisions and choices and she makes that a priority, which often can cause the relationship to fail.

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4. Empathic Partners

An empathic woman is always in it for the long run. She is not really the kind of woman who is looking for a one night stand or a frivolous relationship that does not mean anything. This makes a lot of men nervous.

5. Intimacy Matters a Lot To Them

An empathic woman is not insecure about showing her vulnerable side and be emotional and giver her innermost complexes away. This is often too much to take for a lot of guys and the woman ends up feeling unloved and lonely in the relationship.

6. Seeing The Worst In Men

There is a huge population of men who are insecure, emotionally disturbed and unavailable, and empathic women like to steer clear of men like this. They want to be around people that are positive and are building each other up, and not spend a ton of time nursing someones insecurities and be harmed by that.

7. Consistency Is Important

Empathic women like to follow routines, and not break them until the situation absolutely demands that they do. They like to be consistent and keep promises they make and also like when other people keep promises that they made to them. This is what they really value in a relationship.

8. Empathic Intensity

Empathic women are intense. Everything about them is on the table at all times, without anything held back or hidden. A man, if he wants to be with her, has to be the same way or just let her go and move on in life.

9. All Or Nothing

An empathic woman goes all in when it comes to a relationship. She gives her everything and puts all her love and emotion in it. Most men are not ready for this.

10. Independence 

Empathic women are their own heroes. They look after themselves and do not need anyone else to do that for them. They do not have the time or patience to wait for a man to get his life together.

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