10 Unusual Personality Traits Show That Introverts Interact Differently With The World

There are some human qualities that have been passed on through generations. This makes it possible for us to generalize upon certain human characteristics. However, common differences also help us categorize people into opposite groups. One of these major characterizations is that of an introvert and extrovert. They look all the same. Introverts don’t have blue feet, and extroverts don’t necessary have a giant head. But if you observe them in their habitat, their responses, and the general way in which they lead their lives, you will notice how they tackle situations in a markedly different manner.

To substantiate my paltry claim with scientific evidence, I’ll refer to Melissa Dahl’s reporting on the book Me, Myself, and Us: The Science of Personality and the Art of Well-Being“. It was noticed, that introverts generally do not prefer drinking coffee before an important or serious event.

Susan Cain has been right to mention that introverted-ness is different from just “being shy”. It’s a character trait that involves various other responses to social and non-social aspects of their lives.

The following are 10 responses introverts have for the world, which differ markedly from extroverts.

1. They Withdraw In Crowds

Cain’s “culture of personality” speaks about the modern-day individualization of the mass. We seek alienation, as a whole, but in varying degrees we suffer from it. Introverts generally stay away from noise, and congestion, because it gives them a sense of intrusion into their private space.

2. Small Talk Stresses Them Out, While Deeper Conversations Make Them Alive

It is often observed that introverts shy away from speaking to people. It’s not their fear of speaking that keeps them away. They do not want to invest in small talk, or conversations that hold no meaning or consequence. They won’t be interested in what Kim Kardashian was wearing last night, but broach the subject of how Wordsworth was a useless poet, and you might have them.

3. They Succeed On Stage-Just Not In The Chit-Chat Afterwards

Introverts hate socializing after events. It is a common fact that if you observe more (which happens as a direct result of keeping to one’s self), then you grow as a human being. Introverts play on their talents, and deliver their best on stage. They are isolated there, and only responsible for themselves.

4. They Get Distracted Easily, But Rarely Feel Bored

At any given point of time, an introvert has a million things running through their mind. It is extremely difficult to bring that constant barrage of thoughts under reasonable control. However, if they find something they like, they will not tire of it for hours.

5. They Are Naturally Drawn To More Creative, Detail-Oriented And Solitary Careers

Imagine having to work in a crowd when you don’t even like chilling in one. So, introverts generally take up vocations that can provide them with the peace and quiet. Teachers, while on the podium, are delivering a performance. Most content writers work tirelessly behind the screen for hours, without any human contact.

6. When Surrounded By People, They Locate Themselves Close To An Exit

Introverts are intelligent. They always have a backup plan right up their sleeve. If they are forced into a social situation, they will have 10 different excuses memorized, with 10 back stories and follow-up plans. The moment they start feeling uncomfortable, or feel like the conversation is choking them up, they get up and leave.

7. They Think Before They Speak

The thing about social anxiety is that nothing is impromptu. This makes them extremely good listeners. They think, and form their argument very carefully before diving into it. Their sentences are always well constructed, and properly framed.

8. They Don’t Take On The Mood Of Their Environment Like Extroverts Do

Their surroundings do not overwhelm them. Frontiers of Human Neuroscience spoke about how the ‘reward center’ of their brain works differently. They do not feel a rush of dopamine hit them out of the blue when they step out. That’s not how introverts work.

9. They Physically Can’t Stand Talking On The Phone

The anxiety is real. Talking on the phone involves some sort of small talk, the anxiety of trying to not run out of topics, or the desperation to end the conversation. It’s too much stress to voluntarily take on. Generally, I let my phone ring through and then text the caller a few minutes later asking them what they wanted to say.

10. They Literally Shut Down When It’s Time To Be Alone

Introverts have a limited amount of socializing they can tolerate. Once their reservoir runs out, they won’t care who might be in front of them. It could be the Queen, herself, but they will zone right out. Not even Royalty can make an introvert compromise on their me-time.

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