11 ways to know if your Best Friend sees you More than “just” a Friend

There is a really fine line between best friendship and love. This line is demarcated by physical attraction but one cannot deny that physicality barely features after a certain point has been crossed in a friendship or a relationship. Human contact, emotions and feelings are tricky, to say the least. We never really know what someone truly feels for and about someone else, and best friends always have an undeniable chemistry.

Keeping all of this aside, you cannot really assume that your guy best friend is into you in a romantic way. If in case he is, you need to weigh out every possible outcome, and what would the pros and cons be of getting involved or not involved with them.

If you are unsure about your situation, following is a list of ways to know if your best friend is truly interested in you.

1. Jokes about getting married to you

If he makes jokes about you both being married someday, it might not be just a joke. It might just be an attempt at expressing his true desires through a joke, so that he can see how you react to it. It is the age old tactic of saying something you mean as a joke to see how it would be received.

2. He is nervous around you

Best friends are anything but nervous around each other,. If he is nervous around you and bumbles around, chances are he does not see you as just as his best friend. There is more to see there and his nervousness just tells you the same.

3. Meaningful conversations

Meaningful conversation forms the basis of your friendship. You can talk just about everything under the sun, without ever getting bored or feeling like the conversation is being forced. It takes no effort to start and maintain a conversation with them.

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4. Keeps promises

We only keep promises that we make to people we actually care about in order to show that we value them in our lives. He always keeps even the smallest promises he makes to you as sincerely as possible.

5. He talks to you

You’re the only person he comes to when he needs a real conversation. Whenever he needs to vent, or needs advice, you are his go-to person. He trusts you like he trusts nobody else and makes it pretty clear too.

6. Eye contact

He always maintains eye contact. Generally, the whole eye contact thing all the time might seem a little creepy, but with him, it feels just okay because you guys do not mind staring at each other for long periods of time.

7. Physical intimacy

He never shies away from holding your hand in moments that feel right or just putting his arms around your shoulder when it is cold. He also does not let go of opportunities of innocent kisses, and touches your arms mid conversation.

8. Dates

He takes you out on legitimate dates, just without giving it the label of a date. It is essentially a date, but neither of you would admit it. Stop denying already and accept what it is.

9. Genuine interest

He is a patient listener. He listens to everything you have to say to him, with all his interest and care. He asks about your day, how you feel about certain things, what your aspirations are and so on. He truly wants to and tries to get to know you.

10. Travel

Both of you are extremely comfortable with travelling together. Your quirks and habits fit in just right and you have a great time together.

Whenever you two talk about places you want to go visit one day, you make plans to go there together.

11. He opens up

He opens himself up to you, showing you all of his complexes and vulnerabilities without a second thought. He truly trusts you and does not try to act tough.

He is comfortable with you to the highest point and knows that he can always open up to you about literally anything.

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