14 Things Only People Who Suppress Their Feelings Will Understand

If you’re an emotional person who bottles everything up, then you know how difficult it gets for you. You just keep them hidden until you can’t do it anymore, and it bursts forth.

1. You’re Always Screaming Internally…and your internal monologue sounds something straight out of a Jaws movie. It’s downright dangerous. You’re carrying a worrisome load of frustration plastered to the insides of your skull, and you don’t understand how you can possibly put it down. Amy Lee, in ‘Imaginary’, sings, “alarm clocks screaming monsters calling my name.” Isn’t that one hundred percent accurate?

2. You’re In Tune With Other People’s Feelings…because you have a lot of them yourself. Your heart has carried so much load, you’re automatically more perceptive and sensitive to the fluctuating energies around you. It comes from a whole lot of experience.

3. Your response to horrible people is to smile…because talking takes a lot of energy. Besides, why would you give somebody the advantage of watching you be affected. The best comeback to a mean person is to make sure they do not have any effect on your mental wellbeing.

4. Keeping A Lid On Your Feelings Is A Survival Tactic. We all love living in denial at some points in our lives. Sometimes, when you’re faced with overwhelming emotions, the best way to handle it is to not feel anything at all. It’s a survival tactic. I’ve smiled till my jaws have ached, while my heart crumbled inside.

5. Your Emotions Are Intense. When Sia spoke about wanting to swing from the chandelier, she meant it as a metaphorical representation of my emotional situation. I don’t care what Biology says about fluctuating hormone, but mine are perpetually on a roller-coaster ride.

6. You Hate Crying…especially in public. Dear God, it takes so much effort to make it happen. Also, it hurts so much afterwards. Crying, just like vomiting, is a great outlet for disturbances. But they’re both disgusting in their effects, and make you labor very much.

7. You Have Concealed Anxiety. If your anxiety had an alarm, it would go defunct every two hours. You don’t have the basic understanding of de-stressing, but you dress it up really well. Nobody sees the sweaty palms, and the rapidly beating heart.

8. You’re An Over-Thinker…because you feel too much. If somebody special does not answer your phone calls for too long, you’ve straight-away reached their funeral. You always deal in extremes. Things are either super-good, or apocalyptic. There’s no middle ground with you.

9. When Someone Pisses You Off…you vent it out on your private social accounts or a best friend. You run away from confrontation and conflict, like children run away from cleanliness.

10. You Have Trouble Speaking Up…because you cannot stand the thought of your emotions taking center-stage. However, this needs to change. Because there will be crucial moments when your voice will be all that matters. And you cannot choose to stay quiet then.

11. You Hate When People Persistently Ask You What’s Wrong…because you would have disclosed it at once, if you had wished to. Sometimes, people do not respect privacy at all, and that disturbs you to no end.

12. You Get Pissed Off At The World Pretty Easily. This is because you have a huge reservoir of feelings constantly acting up. This isn’t necessarily your fault. You just have to learn to navigate through it better. Not everything requires your time and energy. Try not to expect a lot from the people around you. That way, you won’t be affected.

13. You’re Very Good At Keeping A Resting B*tch Face…because your stoic expression prevents people from seeing how you’re actually feeling. This too is your defense mechanism, and one that you value quite highly.

14. You Have A Guarded Heart…probably because you’ve been hurt too many times. When we let our walls down, and get attacked time and again, we learn how to develop strong, invincible protection. You do not wear your heart on your sleeve, and getting to you is very hard.

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