17 Things All Quiet People Will Relate To

Being a quiet wallflower has its own advantages. But it does come with a lot of difficulties; especially in a world heavily dependent on verbal communication.

Difficulties arise because your audience fails to understand the reason behind your general silence and end up misinterpreting it. They might think you are shy, afraid, insecure and more than often, just plain mean.

And of course that’s not true; just because you don’t shout at the top of your lungs whenever you need to express yourself, it doesn’t mean you don’t have what it takes to face the world.

There are things that your peers might not know about you, owing to your tendencies. This list is for their ease:

1. Yes, we (you, the quiet ones) like to ease up once in a while and would in that case attend a social event, but mostly, we don’t.
Hence you see us decline invitations so often; it’s not something you should hold against us. It’s not personal.

2. We like to spend time on our own, reading, watching a film or binge watching a series. These times help us think and are very relaxing.

3. Our quiet times and alone times don’t come with an alcohol clause and hence we are never hung over the next day.

4. Now don’t assume that we don’t like the occasional drink ourselves. We hold nothing against bars either. It’s just that we prefer a quiet glass of wine alone or with a few close friends more.

5. People-watching is our hobby. A lot of important people did this too; among them, the great Baudelaire himself.

6. We are not comfortable with most people. If we are okay around you, take it as a compliment.

7. We would prefer to not meet you for half-assed and hasty conversations with you. We would rather wait till you have adequate time to spend.

8. We rarely do things just for the sake of doing them.

9. If possible, we will let other people have the limelight. This is a two-fold thing: it keeps us where we are comfortable and it puts a lot of other deserving people into focus.

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10. Ask us questions if you don’t understand: We are adept at giving you detailed and insightful answers.

11. Don’t mistake our silence for our lack of confidence though. We are the ones who get the jobs done from behind the scenes. If the situation requires leadership, we have more than often risen to the occasion.

12. We are creative because we can think a lot more while others talk. This makes our company all the more special.

13. There is nothing sad or remotely pitiable in our solitary lives. We LIKE our time alone. It gives us an edge in the form of imagination and insight. It gives us the time we need to reflect and introspect.

14. We are NEVER bored. The plans inside our head are actually very interesting.

15. If we care about you, we will make the best listeners to your problems. Even if it’s just a rant or just random ideas. Try us.

16. We take life seriously, but those who know us know that we can be big goofballs when we are around people who we are comfortable being with, and we are hilarious!

17. Appearances don’t matter to us. We are not shallow.

If you have a good personality and we like you, that’s all we need really.

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