3 Symptoms Of A Lost Soul That Must Be Changed In An Instant

Some people wander through life without a purpose or a goal. They don’t understand the concept of higher powers and they have blocked the intuitive guidance that they possess, which lead them to live a sad and struggling life.

Because of that, the life of a lost soul can be quite difficult.

As lost souls, we refuse guidance even when we’re getting it; even when it’s right in front of us. For the people that are working on this and trying to better themselves, they suddenly find out that it is really hard and energy consuming to deal with a lost soul. These kinds of individuals are characterized by a low, negative and lifeless energy, and put off very difficult and negative vibes to those around.

If you find it in yourself to help them, and want to embark on this infuriating, but rewarding path, here are a few of the characteristics of a lost soul:

1. Defensiveness

They are not aware of who they are or what they are doing. Their ego controls their mind completely. By shutting out intuitions and moderating mental forces, they have submitted to what you could possibly pass of as brute force. If you point this out to them, they will immediately get defensive, even if you had all the good intentions, and they will try to prove you wrong. Even if you’re only trying to look out for them, they will interpret that into something that can be harmful for them. They have an argument for all your good advice, and you need to be well equipped in order to disarm them.

The best way to go about this is to calmly accept their stand. Don’t push, or argue with them. It only makes matters much worse than they already are. You do not want to end up finding yourself in a heated argument.

Put your thoughts in front of them, and wait for them to choose whatever works best for them and their situation. Just calmly state your opinion and offer an advice without being pushy and they eventually will realize that your advice was just what they needed. As long as their defensive walls stay down, they will be open to suggestions.

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2. Closed-mindedness

They generally have a one-track mind. If there is an opinion that has been passed onto them at an early age, they will stick to it and go by it. If they’ve been brought up to believe that you can light the ocean on fire, they will be blind to your scientific proof!

Our empathetic side is more accepting and loving, but since lost souls block out these energies, they tend to come off as severely cold. They only appreciate the ones who behave according to their whims and rules. In their world, they are the ultimate master, and according to them, you cannot, and should’t even think about disobeying them.

All the people who tear down each other in the name of religion, skin color, social class, occupation, etc., are all lost souls! There is no other explanation for this unchecked brutal energy that they carry within.

People like these will go against what you have to say and disagree with your opinions. But feel free to say what you need to and then move on. If they don’t agree or understand, it’s their loss. And keep in mind that arguing with people like this is a complete waste of time. Don’t let them drag you down to their level.

3. Repeating The Same Mistakes, Over And Over Again

These type of people, they never learn. They do not allow feelings to get through to them enough to actually make a difference. They’re basically the same even after a million ‘trial and error‘ episodes. They are really bad at observing trends, and might choose multiple abusive relationships, one after the other. They are incapable of assessing their lives properly, and end up making the same bad mistakes multiple times.

While it is true that we all commit errors, lost souls take it to the next level!

It is not for their lack of power or desire. They have subconsciously blocked every guiding force, which leads them to stray further away from themselves. Also, their incapability to admit to their mistakes and accept advice stunts their growth as human beings.

Having said all of this, it is important to remember that we are all on our own separate journeys. None of them are any easier than the other, or any less important. In trying to help another person see the light, make sure you do not discriminate against them while pushing them further into their darkness. We must all be more accepting of each other. The change starts with you.

Image source: Oakley Foxtrot/Flickr

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