Pay Attention to these 5 Warning Signals that Reveal the Sinister Language of Narcissists

The modern narcissist, in plain terms, is a sociopath; they are blinded by the delusion that they are always the better one when compared to the people around and because of that, the people should bow down before them and cater to their whims. They look down to people that they think are “better” than.

Their feeling of superiority is fueled when someone is attracted by them and they can emotionally manipulate them according to their mood until this poor individual is reduced to a shell of their former self.

Now, a common question that people keep on asking is “why would anyone even be attracted to someone like this?”.

Well, that’s the deal. Sociopaths and narcissists have a certain charming quality about them which makes them very desirable. They will blind you with their charm and once you fall for their trap, they will manipulate you and use you.

And they too are aware of that; they are almost always the one to be initiative and they are really good romantic partners, but only until they are certain that the other individual is not leaving and completely fell for their trap. That’s when the sentimental manipulation and the emotional draining starts.

Victims have been known to become neurotic and, in worst cases, suicidal.

There are two ways out: first, if you are already with someone like this, run! Run for your life and save your poor heart while there is still time.

Second and better option, learn to recognize the signs and understand this language of exploitation they speak and be wary.

Some of these individuals are so obsessed with themselves that it is very easy to spot them; it’s the more insidious ones that are more likely to toy with your emotions and try and manipulate you.

Remember, this manipulation is what validates their self-worth. So be sure to not give in to them.

Here are five big stop signals that you should look out for in your next crush or partner in order to make sure you don’t fall in such a trap.

1. “Poor me” attitude

Their obsession with their own selves is beyond redemption. All you will hear is how the world around wronged them and they never deserved whatever they are going through, big or small.

The logic is simple really; once you believe this, you believe the fact that they indeed are better than the people who (supposedly) mistreated them.

Self-pity is their anthem and the more sympathy you show, the better for them. That same sympathy is validation, the fuel that drives them.

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2. “Can I pay you back later?” 

The fact that they are always out of finances, sometimes even purposely, is their fault. This is simply because they like others enabling their needs and wants and their extravagant lifestyle.

They also assume that they are too good to just go out and get a job, because hey, they’re too good for it.

3. Their “I love you”-s are meaningless and empty

You will be able to feel for yourself that even though they do say the right things at the right time (all part of the charming lure), there is literally no energy in them.

There is no warmth in them, just like there’s no truth behind their statements.

They say these things just to reel you in deeper into their sinister design, until you can’t think for yourself anymore.

4. Showers of meaningless gifts

They’ll keep giving you tiny trinkets, a lot.

Even though it seems as a selfless, “cute” gesture, it is not.

By getting you these, they are generating subconscious gratitude in you for themselves. And believe us, they will suck it out of you the first chance they get, unless they already have.

And they will never fail to remind you in the smallest and subtle ways that you “owe them” for their gifts and probably use that next time they need something, which will probably make you feel that you are obligated to do whatever is required for them.

5. They’ll never act on your advice

Asking for your advice is but a farce to see you doting on them and getting anxious for them. Rest assured, they’ll never act on your advice, no matter how beneficial it might be.

Their complaining and dumping all their issues on you will probably make you feel good, as you will feel that they need you and your help; but their complaining is not about “real” issues anyways. They won’t even take your advice, no matter how right it was.

You will eventually realize that this type of complaining is so emotionally draining and you will get tired of it, since it will be happening a lot!

Look out for these signs and run if you see them.

These individuals aren’t worth your dedication and love.



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