Here are 7 things you don’t know you’re doing because you’re Highly Intelligent

Intelligence has always been a contested category because science has always tried to quantify it with stringent rules and regulations. Children who score well on their tests are considered to be more intelligent than their peers who score badly. People who “conform” to the rules and follow all the instructions are seen to be much wiser than those who follow their own creativity.

In this rigid construction of a definition of intelligence, where do you stand? Do you think you are intelligent? We present to you some qualities that signify that you too are intelligent amongst the A+ crowd. Forget what society has taught you about what is seen as brilliant. Try to invent and create your ideas in new ways which can be explosively intelligent.

Here are the seven qualities which are proven by science to be associated with highly intelligent people:

1. Being a night owl

According to a research, people who stay up till late are more intelligent than those who sleep early. If you are thinking that staying up till late will make you smarter, let me break your bubble by saying that this is not how it works. It only signifies that there is a correlation between higher intelligence and being a night owl. Also, night owls are mentally more alert during the longer part of the day as compared to early birds.

2. Being an introvert

A lot has been said on how introverts are more intelligent than their extrovert counterparts. A study done by The Gifted Development Centre shows that sixty percent of gifted children are behaviorally introverts. Often people with high IQ’s are also introverts.

German Psychologist Hans Eysenck performed experiments on introverts and found that they have naturally high cortical arousal i. e. their ability to process information per second is higher than an average extrovert.

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3. You are funny!

If you can make others laugh, your IQ level is definitely much higher than most of the people. Since funny people are more witty and creative, their conversations are never dull which also contributes to their higher levels of intelligence. People with a sense of humor have also scored better on verbal intelligence exams.

4. You accept your limited knowledge

Smart people have no qualms in admitting that they don’t know something. They don’t pretend to know everything. They are quite comfortable in their limited knowledge and are open to learning new things thereby proving themselves to be more intelligent.

In fact people who are less intelligent like to overestimate their cognitive abilities. A study done by Justin Kruger and David Dunning proves that.

5. You are highly curious about things

People who depict signs of curiosity are actually more intelligent than others. Even Einstein himself said, “I have no special talents, I’m only passionately curious”.

6. You are an open-minded person

This ability allows you to comprehend the different viewpoints that you encounter in your life. You are willing to accept the existence of multiple opinions and are open to try new ideas.

According to researchers, people who are willing to see both sides of an argument tend to do better on intelligence tests. But this does not mean that an intelligent person will accept any idea put in front of them.

7. You show sensitivity to others

Intelligence does not mean that you get to be an ass****. A truly intelligent person shows empathy and compassion to others. He/she is sensitive to other people’s experiences and will deal with them in a gentle manner. Emotional intelligence is also a significant form of intelligence which, sadly, not many people can attain.

Emotionally intelligent people like having conversations with new people, trying to understand their lives.

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