If You Spot These 8 Signs In Her, Do Not Let Her Go! You’ve Found Your Soul Sister

“A soul mate is someone to whom we feel profoundly connected, as though the communicating and communing that take place between us were not the product of intentional efforts, but rather a divine grace.” – Thomas Moore

Your soul mate could be anyone, your friend, parent, teacher, sibling, partner. In Elizabeth Gilbert’s words, having a soul sister in like a “mirror, the person who shows you everything that is holding you back, the person who brings you to your own attention so you can change your life.”

The relationship is based on connection. The bond you share with your soul sister is unique and cannot be compared with anything else! Is it not great that you know there is someone to whom you can bare your soul without the fear of being judged? Or someone who’ll not think twice before trusting you?

Here are 8 signs that you have found this treasure:

1. You Understand The Importance Of Consistency

In our busy lives we fail to communicate consistently. Conversations either don’t match your expectations or you feel like it is wasting your time. With your soul sister, things are different. You may just catch up for coffee, or have an hour long conversation on the phone, it will be consistent and good.

2. You Know That Separation Is Only An Illusion

Distance can either separate you or deepen the bond. Your soul sister will always try to be by your side no matter what – sometimes it can be with the help of FaceTime, but what matters is the warmth. Wherever she may be, she is your home.

3. You’re Always Your Happiest When You’re With Her

Nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing can be compared with the carefree and heartfelt laughter you share with her. Her presence brings a twinkle in your eye and you embrace your quirks when you are with her. Life is complicated, but she has the cure for every situation.

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4. She Teaches You What Selflessness Really Means

You do not know who you are till someone brings out the best in you. You may have never noticed your selfless side until she needed help and you jumped to her rescue. It takes minutes for you to be her mom and take care of her when she is low. You shower her with undivided love and care. A bond that harbors such amazing qualities in definitely a treasure.

5. You Appreciate The Curative Abilities Of Hugging It Out

We underestimate the value of hugs. You and your soul sister may get into an argument and there can be things that you dislike, but holding grudges is of no use. It only embitters you and drains all you energy. Instead, you hug it out.

6. You Experience All The Butterflies

Yes people associate butterflies with a romantic soul mate, but they are present in situations of extreme bliss. Your soul sister brings you all the joy you deserve and butterflies have no choice but to congregate in your tummy! The connection is worth all the fluff.

7. You Laugh Uncontrollably Together

I cannot stress this enough but the Beatles were wrong about one thing: it is love AND laughter that you need to live, and your soul sister does both. Life will always have worries but your soul sister will have your back. You’ll laugh and forget about the things haunting you because she makes you enjoy each moment. You appreciate the finer things with her and sometimes all it takes is falling on the ground laughing on the same corny joke for the third time!

8. You Feel So Much Joy For Her Success

Her success makes you proud. There is no space for jealousy or competition in your relationship. You both are a gang in itself and always root for each other. There are very few people who genuinely care for your well being and are happy in your happiness: you’ve got to keep them close. They will help you sail through the thick and thin. She will always motivate you. She will be the light to drive your darkness away and you’ll do the same.

You just know when these things happen and do your level best to hold on to such gems.

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