9 Rare Characteristics Only Spirit Warriors Possess – Are You The Chosen One?

Spirit warriors are those chosen to walk the Earth, helping enlighten and awakening of others. Human beings aren’t usually awakened during their journey of life and the job of the spirit warrior is to help them become so. They help free our minds from the traps of everyday life.

Are you the chosen one?

Before birth, some of us are had already been chosen and destined to play important roles in awakening of the human race. This is an agreement to walk a path which is tough and full of hurdles at every corner. A spirit warrior knows and accepts that in order to do the awakening, one must endure pain throughout their journey but they accept that because nothing is more fulfilling than being a part of spiritual awakening.

Their task is to find ways to access better and complete awareness. Such people are among those who will protest and are ready to die in order to protect your human rights. They could also be the ones who struggle to ensure freedom of religion, speech and civil rights.

They can easily be labeled as the black sheep of the family, or even society, only to emerge as the wisest one with time.

Listed below are 9 distinct characteristics of such people. If you possess or know someone who does possess more than 5 of these, it’s possible that this person is a spirit warrior!

1. They value truth above everything else

Spirit warriors are honest to their core. They understand that the pain they might cause could inflict with the truth, but realize it’s important for our growth and awakening. They are willing to walk the extra mile in order to know what they are not aware of.

Truth to them is the most powerful weapon, one which provides solutions and unlocks mysteries at the same time.

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2. They never give up during adverse situations

Their passion sets them apart from everyone else. Their life is looked upon as an example for others especially for their perseverance.

Be it an injury, emotional setback, disease or disaster; nothing is able to hold them back. Apart from being a rock for others, they also teach them how to be strong themselves.

3. They believe in following their heart

They trust their intuitions and their gut when making a decision. They understand the power of energies and know that they don’t lie.

Their hearts are true and pure; therefore, their intuitions are almost always correct. Nothing can deceive or fool them.

4. A spirit warrior lives for love

Love is held at the highest pedestal by these people. They consider love to be the most essential part of any life. For them, love is the language that the whole Universe understands.

Even a gesture as small as a smile, a handshake or a hug, could be a powerful weapon against darkness. They consider love to be the true source of wisdom.

5. They are good at taming their fears

Fear is felt by everyone, even spirit warriors. But unlike most, instead of being cowed down due to fear, they master it. They tame their fears and use it to embrace their potential.

These people dare to go beyond the limits, and are not afraid to take risks.

6. They have the power to rise from their ashes

Adversities may knock them down again and again, but as long as they breathe, such warriors rise again. They are never defeated as long as they stand their ground.

Their life and their strength prove to be a source of inspiration for many.

7. They choose their own battles

These people choose their own paths and their morality. They never follow the crowd and their decisions regarding what’s wrong and what’s right.

There are many things they want to change and improve, but they choose those battles right.

8. They are patient

Spirit warriors believe in spending their energy wisely. They never make rash decisions and they take their time to understand every situation. They don’t act unless the time is right.

9. They are wise

Spirit warriors are virtuous and wise, and they use this in order to better the world. They are a force of light that shines bright and leads others towards awareness.

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