Cultures and Religions Preach Humility for Thousands of Years, And Maybe It’s Time to Listen

Society has taught us that we need to do everything we can to impress, even if it means exaggerating a little. We need to be able to blow our own trumpets and celebrate even the smallest success.

There’s no doubt that we could all use a good dose of old-fashioned modesty. It is a virtue that is being forced to disappear, especially now when we need it the most.

Of course, exhibiting modesty can often be misconstrued as shyness or other might think that you are being weak. What they don’t understand is that it takes a good deal of courage and self-assurance to remain humble.

Cultures and religions all across the world have been preaching humility for thousands of years and maybe now it is finally time to listen.

Why remaining humble matters?

If you interact with a person who is truly humble, you’ll automatically feel at ease because you can see that they accept you for what you are, no matter how flawed you might think you are.

They can do this easily because they have introspected and accepted themselves with all their pros and cons. Scientists who have studied this trait have seen that these people are not judgmental at all and this allows them to be deeply compassionate.

They measure people by who they are inside and not by their income, looks or popularity. A humble person understands that no one is flawless and that there is always room for improvement because our whole life is a journey of learning.

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Researchers will tell you that it is not an easy trait to cultivate and those who have done so have become extraordinarily strong. A good role model to look up to is Mahatma Gandhi, who wrote that no matter how many mistakes you make, it is important to be able to own up to them and learn from those experiences.

Imagine all that we could achieve if we had more leaders who thought like Gandhi. Scientists have discovered that those people who are not controlled by their egos are generally more stable, trustworthy and resourceful.

All of us should learn to control our egos as it will help us remain calm and healthy. Others will find it easier to open up to us and we will be truly happy.

A three-step guide to becoming humble

Like Rome, modesty is not a trait you can build up in one day, and it definitely takes a lot of strength and courage. But it will all be worth it in the end.

1. Understand that you are only human

Most people see even small failures as the end of the road. They lose all their confidence and believe that they are too flawed to be successful after only one fall.

But those who are humble are able to stay firm no matter how tough their situation gets. They see their failures as a simple consequence of being human.

These people are confident in themselves and in the affection of those who are close to them. They know that their loved ones will always be there for them, even if they go through hardship and failure.

2. Be self-aware and ensure that self care is a priority

Those who cultivate humility can see themselves as they truly are. They know what their strengths are and they can also see where they need to improve.

Take some time to carefully comb through your own self each day. Don’t judge what you see but simply try to learn more about yourself. You will realize which parts of you are pulling you down. Instead of berating yourself, accept your weaknesses and try to understand where they come from.

Now you can begin to try and change these aspects of yourselves. This will take time and effort so remain calm and patient.

3. Be thankful

Being grateful only shows that you are aware of all the precious things you have and that you realize how much others have done for you. This will make you focus less on yourself and more on other people.

Studies have discovered that being grateful and being humble can help strengthen each trait. Thanking others can make us humble and humility will help us express how grateful we are.

Some of the best people the world has had, like Gandhi and Mandela, have undertaken this journey of learning and so can you. By doing this, you will make yourself a better person and bring a little light to this world.

Image source: Flickr/Lasanta

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