If Your Job Doesn’t Make You Feel All Of These 6 Things, You Should Quit Immediately

Having a career is extremely important. Not just because you need money for food, or shelter. We work because we must make something of our lives. It is wrong to believe that only ‘the lucky ones’ end up with a vocation that fulfills them and makes them happy.

Having a job keeps your body and mind active, which is imperative for a healthy lifestyle. However, it is also important to not be machine in your office, and actually enjoy what you’re doing.

If your work does not offer you these 6 things, then it’s pointless in continuing:

1. It Should Make You Feel Content

If you wake up every morning and curse at the thought of having to go to office, then it is not the place for you, mate. Think about it. Why would you want to stick to an activity that makes you miserable? Why would you want to wake up every morning wishing you did not have to go to work? It isn’t destiny that decides this, but your own choice. So, make the right one.

2. It Should Make You Feel Curious

Hitting a creative dead-block benefits nobody. It leaves you feeling unsatisfied and makes the product less than its potential. You should be at a job that motivates you to explore new fields. When you discover new techniques or patterns, it will not only make you feel happier, but also ensure that the product you create, keeps upgrading itself. Getting bored is the last thing you want out of something you have to do every day.

3. It Should Make You Feel Challenged

Being at a job that you have conquered, is no fun. I mean, it is easy for the initial bit, but then you mind starts to wander. As a race, in the 21st century, we’re all looking for “the next best thing”. So, make sure your job is always relevant and interesting. Take up new challenges in the domain of your expertise. Sometimes, try stepping out of your comfort zone, and experimenting with a new something. Hard work always pays off. Don’t sit on your laurels and marinate in mediocrity.

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4. It Should Make You Feel Rewarded

If you’re at a job where you put your heart and soul into the output, but the process does not award you anything, then it’s just not right. There always has to be a proper incentive for a human being to want to do their job. We study because we want good marks, or because our parents promise us gifts for higher scores. We work because we want to achieve a goal, or want money to buy something we have dreamed of. All of us work on incentives, and it is important that you get sufficiently rewarded for the work that you do.

5. It Should Make You Feel Motivated

Simply put, you should want to do this job. Without a pushing factor, everything becomes drab and monotonous. Unless you have the will power or the push to perform, you will not want to. It’s basic human nature. So, make sure you work makes you feel motivated. For instance, if you’re an architect, you feel motivated by the fact that you can create never-before-seen comfortable living quarters; if you’re a content writer, you feel motivated by all the aspects of humanity you can tweak and present in a different light; et all.

6. It Should Make You Feel Optimistic

All of us want to change the world. All of us should want to, that a fact. Your job should make you feel happy, and in control. If your job is the number one cause that is having you spiral into depression, then leave, immediately. Yes, working is mandatory for most. But you do not have to be miserable too. Find yourself a job that makes you feel like the world has hope; that you could be the light it deserves. All I’m saying is, if your work hours are slowly pushing you towards alcoholism, then maybe you shouldn’t be doing it.

Finding the right job is almost like finding your soul mate. If you settle for the wrong one, you’ll curse yourself all your life.

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