Past Lives, Soulmates & Twin Flames: The Spiritual Root Of Your Relationships

We often wonder if things are predestined or is it our free will that determines what we do. Whether it is a failed relationship or an inexpressible attraction towards someone, the cause and effect ratio is hard to figure out. The link between spirit and love might clear your perception a little.

1. What is a past-life lover?

You have surely heard people discuss their new love by saying that they have never felt that way before or that they experienced a strong physical connection and mental compatibility at an early stage. This could be a sign of past life connection but just because you had a past life with someone does not mean they will be your best romantic option in this life. This intense passion and soul connect could also be a buildup of energy between two souls over several lifetimes, but that doesn’t mean that they might be the right one in this life.

2. What makes a twin flame?

Nothing in the world is single, All things by a law divine, In one spirit meet and mingle’ said Percy Bysshe Shelley and it is the absolute truth! Each soul has a “twin” soul that will have a different temperament. For example, if you are an introvert and a pessimist, your twin soul will be outgoing and happy-go-lucky. Twin souls compliment each other and bring out the aspects in you that you didn’t know existed before. They are also our mirrors reflecting our shadows, true inner beauty and strength back to us. In the process they open the door to tremendous emotional, psychological, and spiritual growth. They help you experience the natural state of Life, which is Union and Balance.

The idea of twin flames is definitely made of dreams and can easily trick people in believing there is only one person who will be “perfect” for them. The reality however is very different, it is just as Harry said in Before We Go, “There is no perfect. There will always be struggle. You just need to choose who you wanna struggle with.” There is no “other half” who is the answer to all your prayers and will magically transform your life. You have to do that yourself.

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3. How do I know when I’ve found my soul mate?

A soulmate is someone who feels like home. Someone who accepts you for what you are, with all your quirks and your messy parts. Soul mates support you through thick and thin, triggering you to bring out the best in yourself.

It could be anyone who you connect with on a spiritual level, be it a family member, friend, mentor, or a romantic partner. It is predestined that you would meet them at a point in life and share a meaningful relationship with them. They will help you evolve. If your soul mate turns out to be your romantic partner, you would just know. If that happens, enjoy your time together and cherish it.

4. What can I learn from relationships that didn’t work out?

Forgive but do not forget, or you will be hurt again. Forgiving changes the perspectives. Forgetting loses the lesson.” – Paulo Coelho

No relationship is ever a waste. As cliché as it may sound, everything happens for a reason even if you cannot immediately figure out why. Sometimes you end up dating people knowing from the beginning that it is doomed but it is simply a lesson learned in time. Maybe it taught you to honor your heart, stand up for yourself, be willing to wait for something better, listen to your gut, get over your fear of being alone, or express your needs and wants clearly. There will always be a lesson learned from every relationship you get out of and put to an end.

If you have recently ended a relationship you have no clue why you got in or stayed in, sit and think about it for a minute. There may be a subconscious pattern that drove you towards that person. Find the reason that made you end the relationship and evaluate what is it that you need and want in your next relationship.

5. How can I partner with the universe on my love life?

The universe will always give you subtle signs and you have to keep your eyes open to “see” them. There are infinite possibilities if you are willing to take the leap of faith. The universe has someone for everyone; there is someone out there for you too!

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