Prepare Yourself! A Massive Energy Shift is Coming as Mercury Retrograde Combines with a Full Moon

Besides the Full Cold Moon that is about to happen on December 3rd, Mercury will be going into retrograde. Everyone get ready for the plenty of spiritual energy that will arrive all around us on this upcoming Sunday.

The Full Moon on December 3rd is not just a regular Full Moon, but it is a Supermoon. Supermoon happens when a full moon coincides with the moon’s perigee. Out of the 12 full moons that fall in 2017,  only the Full Moon that is about to happen on December 3rd comes close enough to Earth to get the Supermoon status.

Mercury in Retrograde

This Full Moon will be in Gemini, which means a lot of trickster energy. Mercury will also be going onto retrograde at this time which is going to make things a lot more intense than they already are. A retrograde is something that happens when a planet appears to be moving backward from our vantage point here on planet Earth, and even though it looks as if it is moving backwards, it is not. Mercury turns retrograde about 3 or 4 times each year and this is something that lasts and keeps going for a few weeks.

So we have all kinds of energy coming in from the retrograde and the Supermoon. Get ready everyone, it is about to get pretty intense!

For those who didn’t know, Mercury is the ruling planet for Gemini.

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When a planet is in retrograde it seems that the things that planet rules over are thrown off as well. The first period whenever a retrograde begins is called The Shadow Period. Most people don’t recognize this period and don’t really experience the retrograde effects up until the second period which is called The Storm.

This retrograde will probably be quite difficult, frustrating and irritating. Remember to remain calm, not act on your anger and frustrations and wait until The Storm passes and settles. It will all be okay as long as you remain grounded. Do not get caught up in the mess that this storm will be causing.

It’s energy will try to throw you off balance and cause for things to fall apart but if you remain level-headed, you will be able to remain in control of things.

While all of this might sound a bit scary, there is no reason to be. Understanding what the retrograde is about and what it will bring and cause will help you better get through it.

Stay patient with the people around you and yourself. Communication might become more difficult but it won’t be impossible. Work through whatever issues might come up with the people around you and get through them. In case resolving an issue with a certain person seems impossible, try to put that off until Mercury is no longer in retrograde. Once it is over, revisit the issue once again and see how better it plays out.

Mercury retrograde tries to slow us down. Projects you are working on, or anything you do to better yourself in any aspect in your life seems as if it’s been put to a stop by this retrograde. We work hard and we seem to never be relaxed in order to pursue whatever it is we are going after. Use this retrograde to slow down and revisit your ongoing projects once again when the retrograde is over. In a way, the retrograde with it’s stops is helping you. It is giving you a chance to revisit the issue with a clear head once it is over.

And remember, this retrograde only lasts 3 weeks at a time. This too shall pass!

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