Researchers Reveal The Top 5 Longevity Secrets Of People Who Lived Over 100

The population of the world is growing at an alarming rate. When we statistically look at this miracle of nature, we’re blown off out feet. By the year 2015, there were 7.4 centenarians for every 10 thousand adults who are at the age of 65 or beyond. This statistic stands at a global level.

With regard to this article, Japan bags the highest rank, followed by Italy, U.S.A, China, and India. Together, they make the top 5 in this category.

Genetics And Lifestyle

At some point in the future, along with sharing our household with robots, we will be able to alter our genes beyond recognition. However, that isn’t all that it takes to live an entire century.

Here are five lifestyle factors popular among centenarians:

1. Have A Positive Attitude

1. “Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow.” — Helen Keller

Our world is running a rat race with no winner. I understand that there are a lot of times we feel purposeless, as though there is no gold pot beyond the rainbow. Nobody wants to run a race with no prize in the end. However, negative thoughts harm us more than we realize. Our vibes are highly responsible for our health. If we are mean, and conceited, and carry negativity within us, it is bound to reflect upon our health. The mind has major effect the body, and vice versa. Happy people live longer, and more fulfilling lives.

2. Keep A Sense Of Humour

See, life is too short to spend it with a grim face. Take everything around you with a pinch of salt. It’s absurd that you should laugh at somebody else’s sufferings. But, sometimes, just learn to laugh at your own. It helps the situation immensely. It will be very gratifying to realize that this world and all its people are too clueless to be taken seriously. Laugh more, and carry less baggage on your shoulders. It really is the best medicine.

3. Live In Moderation

Not so long ago, a friend told me something, and since then I am in a blur: either you will be a sad whale or a happy fish.

We wear ourselves out running after materialistic goals. By the age of 40, we’re disillusioned, tired, full of hatred for our jobs, yet chasing the gold button. All for what? I’m not asking you to dream less, or aim low. But practice moderation. If you crave for less, you’ll achieve it sooner, and get more time to enjoy it. This is also applicable for your way of life. If you’re somebody who is into alcohol, there’s nothing wrong with that. Simply practice moderation in your drinking habits, and it will not get detrimental to your health.

4. Keep Your Brain Active

An idle brain is a devil’s workshop, they say. It’s very true. Keep yourself occupied. Solve puzzles, or practice riddles. The newspapers are full of them. Read a Sherlock story, and try figuring out the mystery before he does. There is no end to where you could escape and what entertainment you could look to, in the 21st century. YouTube is a paradise in more ways than one. Avail it. An active mind helps your body function much better.

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5. Staying “Clean”

Hygiene is of immense priority. The money you spend on your dress, house, furniture, or food, won’t matter if you are dirty as a human being. Wash your hands before eating and practice hygienic habits. Most centenarians are averse to smoking. That is a habit that gradually ruins your immune system. Don’t willingly do yourself harm.

Final Thoughts

Japan practices what you call: the proper diet. It is extremely important to consciously monitor your food intake in order to lead a healthy life. It isn’t just about how much you eat, but more about the content that you consume. They favour an abundance of rice, veggies, fish, gallons of organic tea, no canned items, no over-eating, exercise regularly, and being close to the natural environment.

‘Karoshi’ or ‘death from overwork’ is a popular concept in Japan, so make sure you aren’t running yourself out of a perfectly healthy life.

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