Here’s Why People Who Have Struggled Most In Life Are Always The Kindest

It’s a common fact that the most well-behaved human beings are people who have shouldered the worst.

The ones who have faced a lot of pain and rejection through their lives, do not want to impose that upon other people. They want a better world, one where the kind of torture they have undergone does not exist.

These people believe in “giving” what they did not receive from the world. If you imagine the planet as a giant reservoir, they’re trying to fill it up with as much love they can. For every time they are propelled into the ground, face forward, they make a mental note to ensure that this does not happen to other people.

If you come from a broken household, you know how much it affects the children. So, you either don’t get married, if you cannot guarantee a safe and happy environment, or you ensure that your children never face what you had to. Instead of letting the bad pull them down, they rise up above it, and use it as an example to avoid that path.

In showing love, not only do others experience happiness, but you do too.

Ever helped somebody cross the road? Ever bought a crying child an ice cream? These are typically things you do to facilitate somebody else’s life, but it ends up making your day. There is something about making another person smile that is inexplicably liberating.

I have had a lot to deal with on the emotional front. A lot of lost friendships and ruined relationships. But if they have taught me one thing, then that is the power and urgent requirement of more kindness in this world. Don’t do it to it to glorify yourself. Do it, because that’s the most basic thing expected of you as a human being. It should definitely be the number one qualification required for being allowed to exist in this world.

Eggs boil into harder versions of themselves when subjected to extreme heat.

If you’re undergoing something painful, know that this isn’t the end of your life. I’m sure it feels that way, but it most definitely, is not. There’s a very long way to go, and many more things to cover.

If you’re facing a big difficulty, know that this is only making you stronger. All of this is going into your resume of being An Independent Human Being. Believe me, as crass and insensitive as this sounds, you need to undergo a certain amount of hardships in order to build your spine. So, clench your teeth and sit through their roller-coaster ride. I swear, it will pay off in the end.

Since you’ve witnessed the world at it’s worst, you will know that the only way now is up.

If you think you’ve hit rock-bottom, then don’t be disheartened. The falling is over. The only way now is the way you came: Upwards. This is where your climb begins. Picture a graph. If the curve bends, it also has to rise somewhere, right? How low can this possibly go? It has to end somewhere. And, if you’re still alive, it means that your climb has begun. So, put on your best fighting spirit, and show the world how it’s done.

There is an insane amount of pain in this world. While you’re alive, make sure you strongly work towards not adding to it. It isn’t going to be easy. The kindest people you know have really sad stories to tell. It hasn’t been a cake-walk for them, and it won’t be one for you, either. But if they still choose to do it, it must be rewarding, right? Fight on, comrade.

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