You Are Born With Supernatural Abilities But These 6 Things Block Your Higher Potential…

The metaphysical is quite the playground for the skeptics. Most of us are skeptics, therefore, we believe in only what we can see with our eyes, but somewhere inside us we also know that that is not enough.

There is enough concrete scientific proof that the world is made up of varying frequencies that can also be addressed as energies. There have been a lot of studies conducted about the same but we are yet to know the exact extent of these energies.

We humans are ruled by and for the Universe – nothing happens without reason. Every event, every right, every wrong, all of those things happen for a reason and a good one at that. We are metaphysical beings and it is no joke when I say that each one of us possesses psychic abilities, but in the modern world there is the presence of a lot of things that block you from actually understanding and recognizing your psychic abilities.

Here is a list of them:

1. Negativity

When you are surrounded by negative people and negative energy, it creates a barrier for you to actually feel the vibrations that surround you and explore your mind. It makes it hard for you to recognize your psychic abilities or use them to achieve anything or even get to know yourself on a deeper level. The presence of negativity makes your awareness build up a protection shield all around you and when you have a shield around you, you limit your abilities and are stuck at one place, unable to do more than the very normal.

2. You don’t surround yourself with Nature

It is only around nature that you realize and discover who you really are. Our society is so material driven that we barely have any time to spend with and in the nature. When you surround yourself with nature, you allow your soul to breathe, explore and feel new things, beyond just what is referred to as the “normal” realm. Nature helps you understand and look at yourself differently and consider multiple situations that are much beyond the normal.

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3. You are used to stress

Given our modern lifestyles, it is pretty normal for our stress level to be higher and to get used to that. We live extremely competitive and deadline driven lives. We spend most of our time trying to get something done or reach another deadline or do better than someone else and so on. This puts a block on the energies that you can feel and are surrounded by, or the energies that you produce yourself. Stress makes your senses weak and blunt.

4. You don’t take care of your health

A strong mind can only exist in a healthy body. If you do not take care of yourself and your health, you are again blocking your psychic abilities. When you eat food that is not good for you and do not follow a proper exercise regime, you are putting your body through more strain than you can possibly imagine, and that leads to a pretty permanent blockage, in regards to your psychic abilities. A fit body houses a fit mind!

5. Not grounded

When you are seeking your psychic powers to up your social standing and gain more recognition, also not to know yourself and be one with the Universe, the powers start hiding themselves from you. Your psychic abilities exist to guide your way through the Universe and only that.

6. Materialism

When materialism creeps into your being, you block your own self from recognizing your abilities because you spend all your time pining over things you don’t have or being smug about the things you do have. Materialism shifts your focus from your own self to other people.

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