Every Person Possesses At Least One Of These 6 Psychic Abilities…

In French, the word Clair means “clear”. The six types of psychic abilities that we are going to discuss are different types of Clair.

These abilities go beyond the normal sense perception of human beings. They cannot be quantified by commensurable methods. They can be felt by our inner intuitive perception which in fact makes them all the more mysterious and special.

However, these psychic abilities are attuned with our physical senses, for example if you have a strong sense of smell then you could be naturally clairaleint.

Listed below are the six prominent ones:

  1. Clairvoyance

The ability to clearly “see” things is known as clairvoyance. Clair means clear and voyance means vision. This one is perhaps the most highly portrayed psychic ability in mainstream media like Hollywood films and television series. A person who is a clairvoyant doesn’t necessarily see meaning in things all the time.

It a very subtle art and requires patience to understand the meaning of the various symbols that one comes across. You could “see” numbers, colors or symbols in your head but it is possible that you may not understand its meaning.

  1. Clairaudience

A person with the ability of clairaudience can actually “hear” things that cannot be heard by our physical ears like psychic sounds, messages, voices etc. Due to this ability they can hear their “inner voice”– the voice of intuition better than others.

Clairaudient people can act as mediums to converse with deceased ancestors and loves ones. Since they can hear beyond the average hearing ability of a human being, they can receive messages from spirits and other supernatural entities. One great example would be Baba Vanga.

  1. Clairsentience

A person who is clairsentient can “feel” the emotions of others very clearly. He or she is attuned with the feelings and emotions of others which qualify them as highly emphatic people. They can sense the vibrational energy of an individual and can tell what is wrong with him or her. Since they feel too much, it puts them at the risk of being emotionally exhausted. They might even choose to withdraw from the society because the experience of clairsentient is highly overwhelming.

  1. Claircognizance

The ability to know things or our inner knowledge is known as Clair cognizance (clear knowledge). When you just naturally know something without ever having known the logic or concept behind a particular situation, you are gifted with the ability of Claircognizance. You might know what is going to happen, it could be a hunch or a nagging feeling that pricks your mind. It doesn’t mean that you can predict the future; it only signifies that you are naturally predisposed to “know” things better than others.

  1. Clairgustance

This psychic ability makes us taste things without ever actually tasting them. It is known as inner tasting. Sometimes you have a funny taste in your mouth and it leaves you wondering why in the world you can taste a pizza or chocolate when you never even consumed any.

  1. Clairalience

This ability is associated with the sense of smell. At times we can smell things which are not even around us like a particular food item, flowers or perfumes. Often we have heard that people can smell the perfume or fragrance of their deceased loved ones or their favorite food or anything associated with them. This ability is strongly connected with memory. Sense of smell triggers memories faster than any other sense.

Can you relate to any of these abilities?

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