10 Tailor-Made Hobbies That Will Help Empaths Regain Lost Emotional Energy

Everyone who has watched Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 has a rough idea of what an empath is. To help the others, here is the definition: “A person with the paranormal ability to perceive the mental or emotional state of another individual.

These individuals resonate with the frequencies of others around them and more than often have healing abilities. However, healing others comes at a cost, and in this case, said cost is that Empaths lose a lot of their emotional energies, causing intense fatigue, and in the worst cases, they might lose their abilities. They need something to rejuvenate their power-pools. These hobbies are tailor-made to do just that.

1. Playing a musical instrument

This is by far the best hobby of all for all people. It especially helps empaths because it is an outlet for self expression. Experts have found numerous health benefits that arise from playing a musical instrument and it is a time-tested stress reliever.

2. Cooking

Cooking for one’s family and friends or just for people one loves can bring a certain unparalleled joy. Besides, cooking can be quite the outlet for creativity as well. Following a recipe requires a lot of attention to detail while at the same time leaving enough of your mind free to concentrate on yourself and come up with creative changes to the formula.

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3. Physical activity

Physical activities like a group sport, jogging in the morning, working out to DVD’s among other things, help relieve stress and take off pressure. It releases endorphin and uplifts one’s mood making them happier in general. This is true for all people, empath or not.

4. Learning a new language

This might not be for everyone as it requires a very specific aptitude. However, learning a new language can be at once difficult and very rewarding. It is a unique skill that requires a lot of dedication but is instrumental in literally bridging the gap between people. A number of inspirational authors and literary figures were translators as well and the list includes names like Tagore, Heaney and Murakami.

5. Keeping a journal

Anything introspective is an empath’s cup of tea. Writing a journal can help shuffle memories, thus facilitating forgetting the things that should be forgotten and remembering the things “restore all losses” and “end all sorrows.” Writing has been considered therapeutic since as long as civilization has existed; the likes of Keats and Owen started writing to forget trauma.

6. Reading a book

Anything that requires imaginative construction is beneficial for an empath. This includes reading. Read obscure authors, things you might not read normally and surprise yourself; “Let go, let fly, forget.”

7. Meditate

Put on soft music and just reflect on your action, decisions, indecisiveness and questions. More often than not, the answers we seek are ever present in us. What is needed is a search inwards, not out.

8. Yoga

This is a no brainer. Yoga has been known to activate dormant and unused parts of the brain and invigorate the body. It has been practiced for years in India as a life enhancer, re- energizer and something that helps increase the body’s longevity. Though highly “fashionable” nowadays in the West, it is an efficient hobby that will keep you in a better state of health.

9. Gardening

The Japanese have practiced gardening and landscaping for a long time as a hobby. According to experts, it relieves stress as it makes you concentrate on the most trivial of details, thus making you impervious to invasive thoughts; besides, the end-result is beautiful and aesthetically pleasing.

10. Things that are mentally challenging

Jigsaws, Sudoku puzzles and crosswords can help you keep your mind busy. Just like the body, the mind is a machine and unless used to its fullest, it keeps losing its edge. The health of the mind is of the essence for an empath and these hobbies will help them keep it in good shape.

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