12 Things People Don’t Realize You’re Doing Because You’re An Alpha Personality

Alpha-human are considered to be the people with dominant personalities. Some would also refer to them as people with Type A personality. They are often described as ambitious and aggressive.

If you think you’re an alpha-human, cross-check your habits against the following 12 traits!

1. You Are Straight-Forward To The Point Of Brutality

You cannot possibly get over things quietly. If somebody deserves it, or even when they do not, you say it to their face. It is not because you want to hurt them, but because you have never learned how to mold the truth to look different. You don’t sugar-coat things. You are blunt and you say the truth, even if it hurts.

2. You Stick To Your Words, And Expect Others To Do The Same

If you say that you will do somethings, you will always follow on that. You always do as you say you will. People can always count on you when you have given your word. Sadly, not all people have the ability to follow through with their promises and you are often disappointed in others because of that.

3. You Let Your Actions Speak Instead Of Empty Words

You are not somebody who will go on and on about what you are going to do, or how much you love somebody. Your behavior is testimony enough about how you feel. In contradiction to people who write flowery verses and act like trash, you are somebody who has got your head in the right place.

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4. You Appreciate Solitary Time

You feel the need to recharge. You are not the kind of person who needs to constantly be around other people in order to feel validated or happy. You love your own company, and can happily thrive in the same.

5. You Are Not A Pushover

You have always stood your ground. Come what may, you do not live your life according to the conveniences of other people. Regardless of how your friends feel, you are not influenced by their decisions.

11. You Are Not Easily Satisfied

This comes with being a perfectionist. You cannot settle for just about anything. If you have envisioned something, you do not settle until the exact picture is right in front of you. It can get very irritating for the people working or living with you.

12. You Are Hardworking

You are very focused when it comes to your commitments. There is absolutely no room for error or slacking. You are a very dedicated employee and a brilliant person to work with. You give your everything and put in all your efforts to get stuff done. This quality will take you very far in life.

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