5 Spiritual Talks You Need to Have With Your Partner If You Want it to Work

Relationships don’t come easy. They take time, effort and patience, but sadly our current times are such that nobody seems to be ready to take so many responsibilities. Well, relationships are a beautiful bond which runs deeper than many others and everything beautiful will require a great amount of effort. But somehow, everyone is so busy with the instant gratification that they never seem to think about the long term, but when the time comes, they get scared and back down.

Another reason why many relationships are failing is because of a misbelieve that you need to be a part of a matched set to be happy. You can be as happy and content on your own, as you will be with a partner. But popular media has normalized relationships to such an extent that individuals are afraid of being lonely, so they will dive into the first thing that comes their way. Not many of these spontaneous pairings actually hit it off, so they break off soon after, leaving us back at square one. And then we think that we are just not capable of having a meaningful relationship.

If you have found a partner with whom you feel happy, secure and comfortable, then you need to have these 5 tough conversations with them as soon as possible. These will not only help the two of you get on the same page, but also strengthen your relationship in the most positive way.

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1. Talk about Physical Intimacy

Physical intimacy is almost never given the attention that it is due. In the hookup culture, it is assumed from the word go, that this is the only thing that matters. Well we are social creatures and the warmth and support of another body does mean a lot, but we crave it so much that we can’t see anything beyond it. And when the initial passion subsides, we find ourselves with someone we don’t even know well. It can be a nasty shocker and has caused quite a lot of flames (which seemed very bright in the beginning) to flicker and die. It is better if the two of you know each other first, before diving into the physical component. It is definitely a very important part of a relationship, but should not be the only one.

2. Emotional Connection

Most of us are so afraid of getting hurt that we refuse to let down our walls even in front of our partners. But you cannot always live under the fear of hurt, and you have to be vulnerable and trust your partner. If you keep playing it safe, sooner or later your relationship will become stagnant.

3. Mental Compatibility

All of us are our own unique individuals, but our partners have the most influence on us. The way they think of and perceive the world, shapes and changes our mentality as well. Learning new things and seeing the world under a whole new light can be a very exhilarating experience if you would allow yourself that bond.

4. Spiritual Beliefs

It is important to know what are the things you two believe in. Faith is a very important aspect of any individual’s life and personality, and if the two of you have extremely clashing views on the topic it, can lead to a lifetime of ire.

5. Establish Common Ground

Relationships are not a give-and-take partnership. The two of you have to live and grow together, so better establish some common grounds in the beginning; beliefs you cannot compromise on. Talking about tough things in the beginning will help you in having a smooth sailing later on.

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