7 Life-Changing Habits of Highly Intelligent Happy People to Boost Mood and Increase Happiness

A lot of people take proper care of the body. But how many of us care for our mental fitness?

We go to the gym to maintain physical fitness, we eat healthy food to stay fit, treat wounds with the most care as soon as they occur. These are essential, no doubt about that. But are we emotionally healthy? Even mental fitness is necessary for a human’s well-being. Because, what is a healthy body without a healthy mind?

The following mental habits are the key to having a fit mind. Practicing these often will help you to be emotionally healthy.

1. Secure control over yourself after a failure

Failing at something makes us feel disappointed. We start thinking how we are not capable of success. We lose our energy and motivation. If this stays, we will never recover. So, the best thing to do would be to make a list of the things we can control. Such as the plan, preparation, method, time, etc. This way, you can see where you went wrong. You’ll know what to do differently in order to succeed. Doing this as a habit will help you gain your confidence back. So what if you failed once, you’ll do way better the next time!

2. Look for the meaning in loss and suffering

It’s hard to overcome the pain of loss or trauma. If you don’t try to get past your sufferings, you can never live life. Try finding the meaning in your loss. Instead of always looking at the painful side, look at what you have gained from it. You might have gained experience, or you’ve learned to value your loved ones more, or you have uncovered the purpose of life. If you make this habit of looking at the bright side, you’ll make a better version of yourself and be a more positive person.

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3. Quit worrying too much

The more you think about the problematic things, the unhappier you’ll get. Worrying too much only reminds us more of those bad events. It doesn’t help us solve them. So, do not overthink and feel worse. Instead, whenever you start to worry, distract yourself with something that needs concentration. How about solving a crossword puzzle, or maybe trying to recall all the character’s names from your favorite TV show?

4. Care for your self-confidence

When we have days of low self-confidence, we make ourselves feel worse by criticizing everything we do. It isn’t good for our mental health at all. So, who can lift you up when you feel low? The answer is you. Make it a habit to love yourself, to think of the best things you can do, in order to raise your self-confidence. What would you say if your friend felt low? Write that up. Read it as if someone sent that to you. Be your own friend.

5. Regain your self-worth after being rejected

Rejection hurts. And human beings are hardwired to put all the blame on themselves after getting rejected. We feel like we are not good enough, and get upset over it. To gain your self-worth back, make a list of the things that you love about yourself, what you can do best, what’s your best quality. You’ll realize you are way more than you thought yourself to be.

6. Fight loneliness by avoiding excuses

Being lonely is not good for your mental health. When we are lonely, we have a tendency to stay away from any social contact. We shut off from the people who do talk to us, and start making stupid excuses to avoid people. That’s just making it worse. Fight this by getting rid of those excuses. Go out when you have a plan. You might meet someone new who could be your partner, who knows? Reach out to old friends, start making plans.

7. Fix damaged relationships and get rid of guilt

If you’ve hurt someone in the past by something you’ve done, and they haven’t forgiven you, you feel the weight of guilt. Feeling guilty about past actions would always hamper your mental well-being. Try to fix these damaged relationships by apologizing and truly meaning it. If they realize that you have understood how much you’ve hurt them, they are bound to forgive you.

Being emotionally healthy is just as important as physical fitness. Practice these seven habits and become a better version of yourself!

A healthy outside starts from the inside.” – Robert Urich

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