9 Qualities You Didn’t Realize You Have Because You Are A Truly Genuine Person

The world likes to harp on all the negative things happening around. Nobody talks about the good that is being done by people who are genuine, honest, caring and kind. Yes, there are such people still in this world, and maybe because of them the world is still going.

There are some qualities which makes a genuinely good person stand out against the crowd. Such humans are a blessing for us and also serve as an example for all of humanity. Here are the 9 things you should look out for:

1. Kind and Respectful

You are equally kind to strangers as you are to your friends. You do not discriminate against people for any reason and would like to treat them with respect. This does not mean that you expect them to behave similarly. You do this because you want to do this, not because there are any expectation from others.

2. Patience

You keep your patience levels up and do not indulge in unnecessary arguments. It is challenging but you try to keep your head balanced. Patience is a virtue and things take time to happen. Being impatient won’t solve anything for anyone.

3. Trustworthy

You believe in the value of honesty and truth. That is why people confide in you more easily. You have the reputation of being trustworthy since you do not indulge in mean gossip about others. Your word is like a bond that will never be broken.

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4. The Golden Rule

You ardently believe in the Golden Rule, “Do Unto Others as You Would Have Them Do Unto You”. You are guided by this motto in life and treat others the way you would like to be treated.

5. Seeking Justice

You are not a judge of people’s activities but you are seeker of justice. You do not hold back from calling someone out for their bad behavior.

6. Never Expect Anything in Return For Your Pure Kindness

Now this is what you do not indulge in because your kindness exists in itself without any expectation of reward. You are the way you are and not because someone asked you to be this way. All the generosity and helpful nature demands no payment in return.

7. Accepting of others

You know that no one is perfect so you give others a fair chance. You are a very accepting, non-judgmental person who believes that flaws can be improved but not completely annihilated. You accept the humanness of the human beings.

8. Speak what is on your mind

You do not mince your words and never hesitate from saying what you feel is right. You hold your ground but that doesn’t mean you attack someone for having other views than your own. Since you are an accepting person, you allow the possibility of multiple opinions to exist. But you do not let others over-power you for any reason.

9. Self esteem is highly important to you

For you, self-esteem of others and yourself is very important. When you see people suffering from low self-esteem, you help them out instead of putting them down. You are clear-headed and give an unbiased advice or opinion to someone who is in need of one. To you, it is important that they develop a healthy image of their mind and body.

These are the qualities that we desire in others but we should also actively cultivate them in our selves. A truly genuine person is known for these qualities. If you have someone like that in your life then keep them and also learn from them.

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