Every Happy Woman I Know Possess These 7 Mental Habits

Let’s face it, life is hard. We all face different problems quite often. So a few tips for having a happier life is always great.

Do you ever wonder what the people that are genuinely happy do different? If they have any tips or “secrets” they want to share with us? What do they do differently that keeps them happy in life?

The answers we managed to find out were simple yet logical. We just need to make some very easy choices. Putting them to practice is really not that difficult.

Health not only means to be free from illness, it’s also how we deal with life and keep mental well-being. Working out and eating healthy does give good health. But we must also think of the fitness of the mind. It’s about how we train our behaviors to live better.

Let’s see what these inspiring women do to be happier.

1. Asking for help is beneficial for all

“Getting help to support raising my kids made a big difference. I took advantage of the free time and used it to do things I enjoy. It kept me energized and happy.”

2. See the good in others

“Seeing the goodness in people helps me bring out the good in me. I get a chance to brighten their good qualities. It also makes me trust them.”

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3. Live in the present, don’t worry about the future

“I have experienced what it’s like to not have a job and to raise kids alone. What I’ve learned is to worry about the present first. Thinking and planning way beyond time will only make me more stressed. I try to focus on things that are really necessary. It’s useless wasting time worrying about what hasn’t happened yet. I like to live in the moment.”

4. Try being anti-dramatic

“I always try to be more practical and anti-drama. The problems that need solutions immediately are my priority. I never get upset about the decisions I made. What’s done cannot be changed. So it’s useless to get upset over it.”

5. Choose a partner, but don’t fear to be alone

“I like being independent. I do things I enjoy doing. So I would need my partner to accept me as I am and be self-sufficient. I adjust but I didn’t want to be held back. If my partner wasn’t understanding, I would’ve waited longer. A partner should be an addition to our lives, not a restraining order.”

6. Take time out to do things you like

“I like taking some time out from my busy days and do things that would make me happy. It helps me energize myself to go on with my day. Taking a walk early in the morning is all I need to give me physical and mental strength.”

7. Understand, forgive and gift time to yourself

“Meditation helps me to understand my actions and realize my mistakes. I try to forgive myself so that it doesn’t upset me more than it should. Once in a while, I transfer my duties to my partner in order to do something for my personal enjoyment. I go shopping alone, or get myself some alone time at a café. That gives me the strength to live happily in the middle of a hectic life.”

These women are living a happy and balanced life. If they can do it, you can as well! So keep these little tips handy when you can’t seem to cope with your busy life.

Happiness is not something readymade. It comes from your own actions.” – Dalai Lama

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