Your Answers To These 26 Questions Will Reveal Your Empathic Abilities

Empathy is defined as the potential to figure out and relate with the feelings of others. An “Empath”, therefore, is a person who has immense empathy. Apart from that, he/she also possesses an amalgamation of intense characteristics and this is what makes them different from any other person who is just merely empathetic. We, however, cannot state that all Empaths are of the same kind. But, all of them possess the marvelous gifts like compassion for others, the intuition to “empathize” and to overcome various challenges faced in the courses of their lives.

Although it is difficult to find out if one is an Empath, you can get a basic idea by answering a few questions about yourself.

These questions will provide you a way towards increased empowerment, tranquility and self-knowledge. All of you have to do is just think and answer the questions that follow with either a “Yes” or a “No”, and then count the times that you have responded “Yes”.

Think and Answer the Following Questions about Yourself

1. Do you know things about people that they have never told you about?

2. Does it occur to you often that you develop feelings or opinions about someone to whom you have just been introduced?

3. Has anyone ever told you that you are “too sensitive”?

4. Can you quickly identify a pretentious or “phony” person?

5. Are you constantly willing to help out people, even at your own expense?

6. Do you have the ability to imagine the pain that other people are going through?

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7. Can you understand the needs and requirements of animals easily?

8. Do you often get overwhelmed in crowded places and gatherings?

9. Are you a loner that often prefers solitude instead of the company of others?

10. Have you ever been told that you suffer from anxiety, depression, fear, or bipolar disease?

11. Do you get angry at various situations which others might shrug of as “petty” and just be slightly agitated or irritated?

12. Are you passionate about any of the numerous forms of art like writing, singing, playing music, dancing and acting?

13. Do spiritual, metaphysical and psychic phenomena interest you?

14. Are people usually drawn towards you, enjoy your company and think of you as utterly loveable?

15. Do you get confused about your and others’ feelings and find it difficult to separate them?

16. Did you ever undergo any form of treatments for mental illness, like traditional means of therapy or psychiatry, which did not succeed?

17. Do you get sudden urges to run away from certain people, groups and even locations?

18. Is it difficult for you to sleep with another person, either in your bed or in your bedroom?

19. Can you develop “special” feelings to specific days of the week?

20. Do you get highly frustrated with people who are self-boasting, egoistic or concerned just with themselves?

21. Does it appear difficult for you to grasp the reason behind people not wanting to become tolerant or open minded?

22. Do you react strongly towards the injustices around you?

23. Has anyone ever accused of being too much moody or whimsical?

24. Is a highly authoritative workplace a huge problem for you?

25. Do you often take up the role as the mediator to conflicts?

26. Do you have a tendency to find relief or escape in substance abuse, gambling, overeating, or other compulsive behaviors?

Analyze the result in the following way:

Number of “Yes”:

0 – 8: You are average in your empathetic abilities

8 – 15: You are above average in empathetic abilities

15 – 26: You are extremely empathetic

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