10 Sure Signs You’re In A Relationship With An Ancient Soul

Reincarnation is a real thing and there are some indelible marks that are left on the soul thanks to it, despite the individual not remembering anything about their previous births. These marks are very conspicuous on the individual’s personality and general ways of life.

If your partner has these tendencies, there is a high chance that their soul is an ancient one, one that has been through multiple births and rebirths to be here.

Here are the 10 things you will notice if you are in a relationship with an old soul:

1. Periods of quiet contemplation

Ancient souls who have seen their fair share of action need time to think in depth about things they see and feel from time to time. This exercise helps them to rejuvenate their mental and spiritual energies. Quiet contemplation is something that everyone should practice, but for ancient souls it’s a way of life rather than a choice.

2. Dialectical debates

Ancient souls find verbal conflict, especially when it is ideological, very fascinating. Stimulate their ideological curiosity and they will exchange words with you for the longest period of time. Debating issues of topical and ideological nature are like a pastime for these individuals.

3. The knowledge they have gained in life is given out for free

Empirical experience has been the book of guidance for thinkers like Rene Descartes, who abandoned the study of letters to “learn from the book of the world.” Old souls try and learn everything they can from life and what it throws at them. The lessons they learn are not kept to themselves only, but selflessly distributed for the benefit of many.

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4. They are pillars for the people they love

They will give their everything to help and support the ones they love. If you are one for them, never even worry about abandonment or facing life’s dilemma’s alone. They will be your staff and shield in the dark.

5. They are serious and they don’t play games

The certain kind of drama that juvenile people enjoy in their relationships is not their cup of tea. They don’t even put up with lame arguments and would rather be alone than be with someone who is not mature enough to be in a proper, meaningful relationship

6. Their honesty can be cruel

Do not expect validation or flattering compliments just because you fish for them. An ancient soul knows how these things do more harm than good and will never indulge your whims. Their honesty is brutal. But, on the flip side, their criticism is positive and constructive. If you need help with something creative, they are the ones you want around.

7. They love deeply

They understand what it means to love and they make sure they never disappoint you. Their romance might not be very outwardly showy, but it is deeper than anything you will find ever.

8. Bonds are what fuels them

Their ability to do good and feel a lot for the people they love comes from the bonds they make. They are deep in their friendships and relationships. The love and affection in such bonds gives them the energy to face the tribulations life throws at them, not only for themselves, but also their loved ones.

9. They are unique

Their creativity is a result of their high spiritual energy content and makes them express themselves in very unique ways. They make amazing artists and musicians. More often than not they are seen as eccentrics and Dickensian thanks to their mannerisms and lifestyle.

10. They are inspirational

They are always trying their best to uplift the ones around them. As a result of their efforts many of their peers become better at what they do and in general as human beings. They make the best inspirational speakers and motivational leaders.

Image was originally taken by Maja Topčagić

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