10 Simple Things Every Man Wants From the Woman They Love

It is both problematic and overtly easy to dismiss men as wanting nothing other than steak and sex from you.

These kinds of clichés are purposely spread everyday when it couldn’t be more opposite from the truth. Men aren’t all that complicated, but they are hardly as simple as you’d like to imagine. Like all humans, men too have emotional needs which are often forgotten because of the constant stereotypes of masculinity.

We have simple desires, actually so simple, that women often miss the fine line between our stoicism and desolation from a lack of reciprocation.

Here are ten things that men might find impossible to go without:

1. Putting a stop to Drama

Everyone has the occasional free pass to have a freak attack over something that in retrospect might have been rather trivial. That does not mean we can take repeated scenes in front of our friends and family.

2. Mutual Interest in Sex

It is okay if you are not into it. We need to have sex, but we don’t need to have sex if you don’t want to. Having sex with someone who is not into it gnaws away at us until we get caught in a loop of anxiety, anger and disinterest. So, sexy sex or no sex, that’s all.

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3. Romantic Gestures

Of course we want presents, flowers and an occasional fluffy over-the-top present. Sometimes telling the guy that he is amazing and sweet will make him feel as good as that lingerie you bought last week. Yep, turns out we aren’t that different from women after all.

4. Honesty

There are two types of guys – the kind who are control freaks, and the kind who feel like you are lying to them, therefore they sort of go overboard. Avoid the first kind, please. But any guy (or girl for the matter) will feel odd if you are trying to hide something, even if it isn’t really that important. Just be honest with us and we really will trust you.

5. Silence

Sometimes we talk our mouths off, but on the bad days it is really hard to communicate everything we are feeling. A hug and ‘It is all going to be okay’ can go a longer way that prodding us to talk. We will of course eventually open up, but sometimes we need the unconditional understanding from our partners.

6. Dinner

Not asking you to cook every night like an elaborate house slave. We share the load, always, but sometimes we want to be pampered. If you manage to whip up my favorite meal at the end of a really long day, we will be thrilled beyond all levels of human emotions and that’s just because we love you, and we love food, and we love it when the two come together. It just makes us feel special, that is all.

7. Humor Me

Every guy’s social media profile has the phrase “Sense of Humor’. Not because they want someone funny, but because they are looking for someone who is okay with laughing and being silly. We need to understand that you are open and take things easy. In fact, that is how we want to make you feel – happy and funny, so we need to know if you’re up for it.

8. Listen to our rants

We are not even close to being good at communicating. Our first instinct when we are upset is to shut it all out. So, when you see we have just received some upsetting news, make it clear that you are there to hear us out but don’t push us to talk about it. We will eventually come back and rant it all out to you.

9. Marriage

It may sound odd, but we do want to get married. We might not have been planning our dream weddings, but we want to spend the rest of our lives with someone who we can love and understand as much as they love and understand us. It takes us time because we want to be sure. We need time to settle, but it doesn’t mean we don’t care about you and most importantly, it doesn’t mean we don’t want a family – because we do.

10. Stop Toying With Us

No playing hard to get and the hot and cold treatment doesn’t help your cause. Sure, it drives us crazy, but it also upsets us. That can have two possible outcomes – we either quit and go after someone who is more determined about their choice, or we pursue you for so long that you assume we are already dating but we still cannot figure out if you were worth all that chase.

So, simply, relationships aren’t competitions, stop putting up elaborate dramas and tricks, and it will reduce our worries.

Fairly simple, if you think about it, just don’t be terrible, love us honestly and we will love you back to the ends of the Earth.

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