13 Things You Must Do If You Want To Be A Happy Couple

Romantic bonds are getting more complicated by the day. It’s as if the knots get tighter with every decade we survive. Love has been a much debated, cried over and cherished topic. It will remain so, for the foreseeable future. The greatest mystery is that of perpetual happiness in a relationship.

Research has decoded that myth, and enlisted the following 13 reasons that contribute to romantic happiness:

1. Don’t Use Text As A Medium For Fights

You hardly ever understand the tone of a person from a digital device. It is important, and much more heartfelt, to meet in person and sort things out. Undertaking this technique will help prevent several dreadlocks in the relationship.

2. Not Having Kids

Look, I know that society has conditioned you to believe that a marriage thrives on procreation. But, if you need a baby to hold your marriage together, then what does it say about your relationship? A 2014 research states that childless couples turn out to be much more satisfied.

3. Be Around Happy Couples

Influence works wonders! If you spend time around people who are constantly negating the institution or requirement of marriage, then you will hardly find it in yourself to stay in one. Stick to a group of happily married people, who reinforce your belief in your relationship.

4. Reduce Your Fights To A Minimal

Irrespective of what popular media says, fighting is not a sign of love. As you spend more time together, you learn more about your significant other. Both of you should make breathing space for each other. Daily fights and bickering make a relationship toxic beyond bounds.

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5. If You’re The First-Born, Then Date The Oldest Of A Family

It sounds absurd, I know. But research has explained it as the perfect union of one who likes being pampered, and one who is protective by nature. Your order of birth and upbringing contribute greatly to all the ventures you undertake. Romantic relationships are no exception.

6. Divide Housework Responsibly

This isn’t the Medieval Age, so don’t expect one person to shoulder the entire responsibility of chores. Make a routine and allocate duties to each other. Stick to the schedule at all times to avoid 90% of household drama. If neither of you get in each other’s way, or overwork the other person, you’re going to end up very happy.

7. Homosexuality Wins This Ride – Or Hetero-Feminist Couples

Studies have proven that homosexual couples have a brighter outlook on life and marriage than their homosexual buddies. The latter remain pre-occupied, and refuse to adjust to each other’s lifestyles. They also put in much less effort. However, if you happen to be straight, choose a Feminist partner. Research shows that those pairings prove worthy.

8. If You’re A Straight Woman, Find A Less Handsome Man

According to research, if men think their wives are much beyond their league, the marriage happens to be a happy one. Similarly, a woman is much more secure with a husband who doesn’t look as good as her. In marriages where the husband has an upper-hand regarding appearances, the outcome has always been poor.

9. You’re The Best Of Friends

Couples who last a lifetime are friends first. They understand each other like nobody else, and prioritize their relationship over everything. That is the exact kind of behavior you’re used to having from a BFF. Imagine endless play-dates and sleepovers!

10. They Cherish Their Common Connections

Having two separate groups makes you tear your time between the home and the party-zone. Having a common pool of friends lets you hang-out while spending time with your SO. Needless to say, it is imperative that you get along with the friend circles of each other.

11. Have Similar Financial Priorities

If your partner invests thousands in a Playstation while you’re saving up to buy a fridge, divorce is imminent. Make sure that your SO feels the same way that you do about finances. Otherwise, money can lead to a lot of dirty arguments.

12. Have Intercourse Regularly

I don’t mean that you should go at it everywhere. But a healthy frequency is needed if you are to keep the spark alive. Make time and opportunity for relaxation and togetherness. Sex has a strongly positive impact on the happenings of a marriage.

13. Rejoice In Each Other’s Wins

You must find happiness in seeing the other succeed. Stand by them, and cheer the loudest when they lift that metaphorical trophy. If your partner cannot be happy for you, or is jealous of your success, then drop that load immediately. Life is too short to carry such a heavy baggage of negativity.

Here’s to hoping all of you find your blessed romances!

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