15 Warning Signs The Universe Sends When You’re On The Wrong Path

I don’t know how often you are told this but you are the child of the Universe. You are never completely isolated as you are always connected to the Universe in some way or the other.

What you might think to be mere coincidences can also be the messages which the Universe is sending to you. Make sure you read them carefully and don’t miss out on them.

Here are 15 ways in which the Universe sends messages to you:

1. Repetition of experiences

Do you ever realize that a particular action has been repeating day after day? Maybe like something that you’ve been smelling too often or something that is crossing your sight too much. These can’t be anything random but rather a message from the beyond.

2. Dreams

Do not underestimate the power of dreams. We usually dream of things that are deeply rooted in our unconscious mind. It is the easiest source of receiving the message from the Universe. So keep a track of the kind of dreams you see. See if there are any messages in them.

3. Animals

With everything beautiful present in the world, animals are said to be one of the most useful ones. This is not only in terms of what they provide us with. They are one of the most powerful sources of connection between human minds and the Universe. For example, it is often said that constantly seeing a flock of birds flying high in the sky indicates that you need to travel and relief yourself a bit.

4. Numbers

Numbers can say a lot if you are able to decode their messages. They were created by humans but still have a strong link with the Universe. Seeing consecutive numbers or numbers in a particular format may have a hidden message in them. Numbers like 11:11 or 123 can have a significant meaning if only you are able to understand them when you have the time to.

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5. Synchronicity

Has it ever happened that you had been thinking about a person and they suddenly called you up or maybe dropped a message? Often times, we call it coincidence but it’s actually Synchronicity. It is the Universes way of saying that you are heading towards the right direction in life. It is a sign that you have caught the right track in your life and are likely to succeed if you continue doing so.

6. Finding/losing things

Humans are materialistic being. We are very closely related to the objects we are surrounded with. It is only reasonable for the Universe to send us messages through things that we are surrounded with. Finding things indicate the revival of a memory whereas breaking or losing something states that it’s about time you let some things walk out of your life.

7. Reusing a word or a phrase

Keep a track of the words you use. They might actually have a hidden message in them. The message can also be very specific. You just need to figure it out.

8. Pain and illness

A lot of times we experience random pain. We don’t even remember how we got injured in that place. Facing too much illness can also be a message from the Universe. It could be an indication of some wrong that you’re doing.

9. Music

We ignore this so often but it is actually very important. Have you ever woken up and suddenly humming a song and it got stuck in your head for the entire day? It’s because human minds and lyrics sync easily. Hence, it can very easily be used by the Universe to convey messages.

10. Weather

Now you might instantly want to know how weather can possibly be a message. But let me explain this to you in simple ways. For example, if you are trying to focus on something and the concentration is broken by a rush of wind, then maybe it states that you need to take a break from whatever you’re doing.

11. Unexpected meets

Unexpected meets that help you make decisions can be a message too.

12. Unnecessary emotions

Suddenly feeling a random rush of particular emotions has its own message. Focus on them.

13. Unusual words

Usage of unusual words conveys messages also. When you come across a word that you don’t know the meaning to, or you hear a word that you haven’t heard spoken in a very long time, it might be a sign that you ought to pay attention to.

14. Smell

Experiencing a particular type of smell constantly has secret messages attached to them.

15. Gut feeling

Intuitions are the best way of conveying Universal messages because they are rightly connected to your mind.

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