If Your Child Shows Any of These 15 Signs They Are A Natural Born Empath

Children who are naturally empathetic have a harder time adjusting to the social reality, especially during the initial years of their life. The sensory overload is too much to handle and a child cannot comprehend his or her surroundings like an adult would. Right guidance is required for empath children so that they do not feel alienated from the rest of the children.

Here are 15 signs whether your child is a natural born empath or not:

1. They only have a few good friends

Your child does not surround himself/herself with big groups of children. He/she is content with a few friends who are always there for them. This sometimes becomes a cause of worry for parents, but you need to understand that it’s the preference of the child to have less number of friends and not any psychological problem.

2. They take on the stress from other people

If something is troubling you, then there are chances that your child will also be troubled by it too. Such children share their parents’ stress and anxiety. It is a part of being an empath.

3. Acting out when they are upset

Since they do not know how to handle all these emotions, they usually act out when they are upset.

4. Connection with plants and animals

They are quite sensitive about nature and animals in general. They would not like to harm any living creature and this includes plants as well. They get mad and upset when other people hurt animals or don’t care about plants.

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5. They are very intuitive

There is no point in lying to your child because he/she will know that there is something wrong. Such children have strong intuitive abilities and they can understand things beyond their age. They can sense if you are worried and when you are lying, so it’s best not to lie to them.

6. They like spending time alone

They are lost in their own world and keep to themselves at times. They do not like to mingle unnecessarily and would love to just play on their own, and that is perfectly fine.

7. They are good listeners

Since they understand so much beyond their age, they are actually good listeners who will lend a shoulder to cry on. You can talk to your child openly about things that are bothering you. Sometimes children have the best of solutions!

8. They are compassionate

They are extremely compassionate and would help someone who is in need. They are caring and offer their help immediately.

9. They don’t really like family gatherings

Since they hate huge crowds, family gatherings are not for them. They will disappear and would like to stay on their own or with a few people. Well, most children hate family meets anyway!

10. Reacting quickly to books and movies

They react while reading a book or watching a movie. If something bad happens then they will cry or rejoice with the character whenever they are happy. They are able to empathize with the characters much more quickly and deeply than other children.

11. Feeling of not belonging

They feel like they don’t fit in with the rest of their peers. They have the feeling of being isolated from them.

12. They become overstimulated in big crowds

Being in crowds is not what they are good at so they will try to run or hide from it. They become overly emotional when they are around too many people.

13. Dislike for loud noises

They do not like noises and loud places because it disrupts their emotional health.

14. Feeling too much

Their emotional levels are heightened and they feel too much. Since they are quite young, they do not know how to handle it in a healthy manner. They might think that it is wrong to feel so much, but as a parent you need to guide them properly.

15. Good at telling when someone is lying

They are quick at guessing whether someone’s intentions are good or bad. They can even detect when someone is lying to them.

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