5 Secrets for Sensitive People: Why Emotional Empaths Stay Lonely

Emotional empaths seem to have a much harder time finding happiness in a relationship than most others. And this is not because they don’t want to be with someone. In fact, they are the ones who are actively trying to avoid loneliness but just don’t seem to understand why it never works with anyone whom they like.

This difficulty in hanging on to people, despite wanting to, cannot be explained by conventional science because at the face of it nothing seems to be wrong, and there isn’t anything wrong. But there are certain things about empaths which people don’t understand, not even empaths themselves.

When you understand how the emotions of an empath work, it will be easier to understand how to make relationships hold.

Empaths are much more sensitive than ordinary people and can feel the emotions of others as if they are experiencing them first hand. Having said that, it doesn’t mean that they want to avoid the emotions of their partner and so they end up running away from them. It is just that they sometimes need a breathing space, which will help them replenish their lost energies.

This breathing space might be slightly more than what is conventional in relationships but it doesn’t mean that the love is any different. Most of the time, the empaths are unable to either realize this fact or not able to articulate well enough for their partners to understand their dilemma and hence end up being alone, even though they are the most loving souls.

It is just that their needs are slightly different and should be respected nonetheless.

Here are some tips which could help sensitive people navigate their relationships better and experience the joy and happiness that they truly deserve.

1. Communicate with your partner

You need to talk to your partner about your emotions and the struggles you face. Tell them that you need a sort of personal space to get back on your feet and this has nothing to do with them. When they are understanding and mature, they would respect your needs and be okay with it. If they throw tantrums about it, you know they are not the right one for you.

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2. Talk to them about your sleeping preference

As I have said before, many conventions of traditional relationships don’t hold good when it comes to emotional empaths. One of them is sleeping together. Our energy fields blend when we are sleeping and the whole experience can be quite draining for the empaths.

3. Designate your physical space

Even conventional couples face some starting problems when they first start living together. And for emotional empaths, having someone around them 24/7 is a daunting prospect. But that doesn’t mean you have to entirely forego the experience. You can still have some sort of private sanctuary, maybe a work room or even a bedroom where you can retire when you need to.

4. Travel with caution

The personal space need is carried on even during your travels together. Asking for separate hotel rooms or partitions in the room is not overdoing it and you can certainly have it if you need it.

5. Take time outs when needed

And most importantly, all these precautions will show result only when you use them. Taking regular time outs, even if for 5 minutes, will help you re energize and bond with your partner better. So talk to your partner about your needs, and when they are worth it, they will certainly understand.

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