Study: Deadly Heat Will Threaten Majority of Humankind By 2100

Heat waves and a typical rise in the climatic temperature has been a common phenomenon over the recent years. In present times, heat waves are seen to affect only the tropical areas. Such heat waves occur at frequent intervals. However, a new study observes that such heat waves would soon see an expansion in the northern and southern hemispheres as well.

The above mentioned study was conducted by Camilo Mora. He was from the University of Hawaii and published the article in Natural Climate Change journal. What the research does, is examine one 1949 heat waves across the world since 1980. His aim of the research was to deduce the highest temperature that would take place as a result of the heat waves. He would thereafter go on to establish a trend in the heat waves.

People involved in this research work concluded that one out of three people bear extreme heat waves for over 20 days every year. Such a scenario would take even a worse shape by 2100. It would lead to three out of four people experiencing such a condition of temperature.

The heat present in the climate, affects the heat in the human body directly. The heat waves can lead to a rise in body temperature.

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For example, the body temperature varies from 98.6 to 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit which is about 40 degrees Celsius in normal days. But a rise in temperature can increase it to 104 degrees Fahrenheit and as a result the internal system can result in organ failures. In this case, if medical help is delayed, death is imminent.

Some of us might not know, but heat waves are a common occurrence than what we are generally aware of. To exemplify his research, Camilo Mora refers to the heat waves that killed almost 70,000 people in Europe in 2003. To accentuate on the epidemic nature of this tragic incident, he compared it with the 9/11 attacks. He said that the 2003 incident killed 20 times more than the number of people who got killed in the September attacks.

What is more apprehensive in this context is that there are no immediate measures that could be employed to mitigate the effect. Even a reduction in the greenhouse gases would hardly bring any noticeable improvement in the climate. There would still be almost 48% of the population experiencing heat waves by the turn of the century.

Pollution has been skyrocketing. And we humans, have done the least to prevent it. However, there is still time.

We must think of ways to reduce pollution. Otherwise things are going to elevate beyond repair. The bad would only turn to the worse. Its consequences would be morbid. For example, the southern region of the United States would experience lengthy and ruining summers. The gradual increase in the temperature would leave a bad impact on the climate with long summers.

If we take a current example, one might refer to India. This country has already started to experience heat waves and felt its lethal repercussions. The extreme temperatures have affected the population in the form of bad health. Heat waves have also caused numerous deaths. The crops have also been ruined with delayed and irregular monsoons. Electricity has been affected too with frequent blackouts being a daily occurrence…

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