If Your Child Shows Any of These 12 Signs They Are A Natural Born Empath

The concept of an ‘Indigo’ child or a ‘crystal/star’ child originated in the 1970’s, and its definition reads such: A person who has taken birth in order to bring change and is destined to bring spiritual awakening amongst the less awakened beings.

Who are they?

They are old souls with a free thinking temperament. It makes them see truth better than a common soul, but at the same time makes it difficult for them to fit smoothly in the society. Their intuitions and their abilities to see visions or communicate spiritually could form ridges with the common world if they are misunderstood, or worse, misdiagnosed and medicated.

Their Search for Truth

As mentioned above, indigo kids are inherently better at separating the truth from falseness. They might come across as extremely inquisitive or even obnoxious as they are easily able to see through lies and have the gumption to call a spade a spade.

Their headstrong nature makes their search for truth seem more powerful than anything. Its next to impossible to fool them with a false façade; they are able to see right through it and will not hesitate in calling out so. This habit of questioning stated facts and their quest for truth makes them one of a kind.

Child Empaths are amazing gift, and as a parent you should be proud to have an old soul as a child.

These 12 signs indicate that you are parent to an Empath child:

1. They have few best friends

They simply avoid friend who have no real connection. Few is enough for them, and you should be fine with it.

2. They succumb the stress of others

Yes, children are sucking the energy of the parents, but if you have an Empath, they will really feel what you feel. Around your Empath child (even if they are not an Empath) be extra careful. What will become of them later on is what you teach and make them feel as children.

3. They get upset easily

Being an Empath is no easy task. Until they learn to control their empathy they will get upset more frequent than usual.

4. They see plants and animals differently

If your child shows especially good care of plants and animals and sees them different than the rest of the children, you definitely have an Empath. Raising them around animals and plants is not a bad idea.

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5. They are intuitive

The brain of an Emath may figure out things before they actually know them. It can be spotted when your child figures out a complicated task or equation. You just look at your child and ask yourself: how the heck did he figure that out? Yep, that’s an Empath right there!

6. They like to be lonely

An Empath child is definitely not a child who wants to be in the flock. They want to spend more time alone with their toys, rather than being the ‘star’ in the playground.

7. They are listeners

Even if they are your little creation, they can be great listeners. Always be honest around them and feel free to speak up your mind, even if they are children. They will truly listen.

8. They feel compassion more than the rest

If your child sees a dead cat on the road, or something not so likely on Animal Planet, they may start crying, and that’s okay. They feel things as if they happen to them, but in time they will find a way to control their emotions.

9. They feel different

Even if they don’t tell it, they know they are not like the rest. Embrace their uniqueness, don’t try to change them and make them go with the herd later in life.

10. They get overemotional in crowds

Especially when you walk them in the park, be careful. They may feel as if everything is too much and become overstimulated.

11. They don’t like loud noise

Loud noise can be overwhelming to your Empath child.

12. Negative images are harmful

For an Empath child, negative images circulated through media channels are very dismal. Since they feel too much, they try to avoid violent, blood-soaked details. It makes them sad.

Bottom Line: Having an Empath Child is a gift. Don’t forget to embrace their uniqueness instead of trying to change them to be like the rest, or worse, medicate them! You have a treasure like no other as a child, don’t forget that!

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