17 Things You Will Notice When You’re in the Presence of an Empath

Empathy (noun): The ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

Where it differs from sympathy, is the fact that an Empath can feel the feelings of another (If this reminds you of Mantis from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, you are on the right track) and not simply observe and feel kindness towards others.

Being an empath can be really tough; they feel others’ pains on a deeper level. As a result, they can do a lot of good to the people around them and to the world in general. Because of their special ability, they can physically relate to a person’s pain; and this does not mean they cringe every time they hear someone is hurt.

Consequently it drains a large part of their energy. As a result an Empath can often be overwhelmed and can often suffer from chronic fatigue and tiredness. Though they might seem like complicated individuals, once you come to know them, everything becomes clear. And if you know one of them, consider yourself fortunate and blessed.

Here are some things you might have noticed if you do have an Empath in your life.

1. Extreme Sensitivity

This is primarily because they can feel pain on a different, more subjectively personal level. This can be very positive for others, but more than often draining for the empath.

2. They Refuse To Be Lied To

Empaths can spot sketchy behaviour very easily. As a result, they can spot lies like a cat spots mice. If you lie to one of them, you are most likely in the direst of straits immediately.

3. Being Judgemental Is Not Their Thing

Being judgemental normally comes largely from misconstruing the person’s intentions and misunderstanding their reasons for doing what they did. Empaths, because there is no bridge of misconstruing between them and others, are never judgemental. However, if you’re wrong, they will point it out but never shame you in public for it.

4. They Don’t Like Harsh Sounds

They generally prefer softer and more delicate things like softer music.

5. They Hate Narcissism

Self-love for them is like seeing the highest form of selfishness.

6. They Are Very Good At Giving Advice

Their advice works out very well most of the times because they can get to the heart of the matter very easily.

7. They Are Easily Distracted

They focus less and are capable of seeing the best in everything, more than often simultaneously. For them the world truly is like a “box of chocolates.”

8. Their Love for Animals Knows No Bounds

For them their pets and others’ pets for that matter are family. There is no boundary.

9. They Are More Than Often Tired

They end up spending and investing too much of their energies into helping and understanding others to help their own selves.

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10. They Are Honest

They don’t lie and hate being lied to.

11. They Experience What Others Experience

When an empath says “I understand”, they really do.

12. Wonderful Listeners

Refer to the previous point.

13. They Cannot Handle Negative Images

Refer to the first point. It is more difficult for them to deal with anything than it is to others.

14. Afraid Of Crowded Places

An empath is easily overwhelmed by too many emotions and too many people at the same time.

15. Emotional Healers

Talking to an empath is very therapeutic. They provide advice and comfort for all their friends and others in need.. they are the mechanics for broken souls.

16. Sensitive to Medication

Refer to points 1 and 13.

17. Most Helpful

Because of their understanding, empaths are the most helpful of all people. They won’t back out even if the person who needs it is their enemy.

If you have someone like this in your life, be strong for them and count your lucky stars.

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